Zlatan Ibrahimović – Why age is only a number!

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Summer transfer window 2016: Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the enigmatic Swedish veteran and all-time national top scorer announces himself at the biggest club in England, Manchester United!


He’s 35 and he’s coming to the toughest league in the world, the critics rumbled! They absolutely relished the prospect of Zlatan facing a cold windy night in England and struggling to adapt! They expected the man who has absolutely hammered each and every previous critic of his to finally fail this time and fall prey to their acrid comments and wanted the former PSG star and “Ligue 1’s stellar MVP” to be one of the biggest flops in England. So, what did Zlatan make of all this “pile of rubbish”(as it has turned out to be). Well, he just said, “I am Zlatan Ibrahimovic and I’m just warming up!”

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He’s warmed up all right but in the process he’s set the world alight and as the man himself said, he has conquered England in just 3 months. 20 Premier League appearances, a whopping 14 goals(Joint top scorer of the league) and 3 assists! He’s set Old Trafford roaring again and United’s relentless number 9 will certainly take some stopping. 35 is certainly only a number for the man; he’s only missed 1 game and that too via a suspension and not through injury.

So, how has this man so badly written off by the critics taken the BEST league in the world by storm? Yes. it’s because he’s ZLATAN but still let’s focus on the technical footballing aspects for a change….


“Swagger” How this reminds us of the glorious days both Manchester United players and fans have enjoyed under the immaculate leadership of Sir Alex Ferguson! Eric Cantona, Cristiano Ronaldo, David Beckham, Ruud Van Nistelrooy and certainly our skipper Wayne Rooney have instilled swagger as the pivotal component of the Man Utd DNA. But Zlatan is a completely different BEAST! He’s rightly at a level where hardly anyone can reach when it comes to self belief and confidence in his own ability. The confidence that a team gains simply by his presence is beyond question. From perseverance and sheer hard work in very trying conditions to transforming into a BEAST who has ruled the footballing world at his mercy since the very start of his career! He’s been declared the King Of Manchester by King Cantona himself and there certainly isn’t any peccadillo that his critics have left now!!

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Hard work does pay off ! Want a real time evidence? Ask the man himself! Ibra as he’s fondly known, has reached the epitome of forward play on the basis of just one pivot which is composed of hard work and perseverance. His unerring ability to stay relentless and not give up has led him to the pinnacle where few can match him on footballing ability. He’s the most feared name in the league right now and there’s certainly no downward tinge in his stocks, however given his excellent powers of adaptation he’s in line to enter himself into the Premier League history books, that too in record time, just 6 months!!(Or he’s already done it to be frank!)

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Zlatan is certainly box office! And there’s no doubting that! Josè Mourinho certainly deserves “some” credit for getting the man to join the Red Devils but for us as football fans and especially United fans, the “Theatre of Dreams” has that extra bite to it right now and at the centre of it is an impeccable and unparalleled Swedish goal machine who goes by the name “King Zlatan Ibrahimovic”!

How long can Zlatan be effective for Man Utd? Where does he rank in the world right now? Let us know in the comments below!

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