Toure is a fraud, he has to leave Man City!

Written by David Robinson

A new era starts at Manchester City this season with the arrival of Pep Guardiola talking to the helm at the Etihad Stadium. With a highly reputable manager now coming on, things looks to be on the up for the Citizens after what has to be classed as a very poor season last year with all things considered. Premier League performance was embarrassing when you look at the continued investment in the squad and while there were still a few positives including a good sets of Champions League performances (reaching the semi-finals), a Capital One Cup victory and the arrival of Kevin De Bruyne, standards were still not met. Once again due to under performing transfers, Guardiola has a case of re-building a squad that can not only challenge in England but also in Europe. I look at why Yaya Toure should be the first player to leave as part of this re-building under the Spaniard.


                                                                                credit Alejandro Razuri

The Ivory Coast international has been a superb acquisition for the club since he arrived from Barcelona in 2010. His ability to score great goals, dominate midfield’s and become a vital engine in the Man City team made him a key part of the clubs recent success. However this season I believe he has been every wrong with Manchester City in the league. First and foremost his desire is not up to scratch which is simply not acceptable. While you have to acknowledge and accept that some players have a laid back style, this level of determination is a bit of a joke. City didn’t have the character and personality of a team that were going to win the league this season despite having probably the best squad. Yaya was probably the leading man in this case strolling around the pitch and while this would be acceptable if he was producing, he simply wasn’t meaning that cracks were forming in the side. While the defence gets an awful lot of criticism, they weren’t well protected by a lazy bordering on lethargic Yaya Toure, meaning the side were exposed under Pellegrini.

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                                                                            credit Corey-Adam Crowley

Toure would still get picked though, this is partly due to the likes of Fernando and Delph not being to a high enough standard of Champions but also because Yaya Toure would still produce moments of magic meaning that while he was on the pitch something could happen. His minutes of brilliance were ultimately outweighed by his poor level of performances across the whole season and while there were plenty of other reasons why Pellegrini’s side underperformed, this type of application cannot be replicated under Pep. This is why Yaya Toure has been a fraud as he has deceived neutrals or spectators from afar with rare moments of quality when not looking at the bigger picture.

The biggest piece of evidence for the ineffectiveness of Yaya Toure is the clubs Champions League performances. Fernando and Fernandinho were the holding midfielder’s throughout the knock out stages where The Citizens were spot on tactically, playing with discipline and structure which lead to several impressive performances without Yaya Toure. This highlighted just how poor Man City really were in a pretty awful standard of league this season.

With the arrival of Gundogan from Dortmund now confirmed you have to feel Toure has to leave as surely with the signing of a midfielder with lots of qualities that his time is now up. The Germans signature should bring some combativeness to the midfield and provided some consistent quality added to the team.

While there is no doubting Toure has been a majestic player over the years, he has got to move on in the best interest of club and probably player.

Manchester City fans, should Yaya Toure leave? Can he still contribute next season? Let us know in the comments below!

featured image by Corey-Adam Crowley