Will the Wolves machine fare well in the Premier League?

Will the Wolves machine fare well in the Premier League?

Last update: 15 April 2018 Tags: Wolves. Categories: Championship.

Saturday the 14th of April will be a special day for all Wolves fans as they were finally promoted back to the Premier League after a six year absence.

Without a shadow of a doubt, Nuno Espirito Santo’s side have been the best team in the Championship this season.

They have combined good, exhilarating, high intensity football with hardworking resiliency brilliantly and a few shining stars have emerged that have sprinkled that extra bit of gold dust to the team. Players like Ruben Neves, Diogo Jota and Barry Douglas just to name three have been standouts.

Whilst Wolves and everyone associated to the club revel in their promotion for months on end. Many fans of clubs in the Championship think that Wolves have essentially bought their way to the league, due to the influence of super agent Jorge Mendes and being bankrolled by Chinese company Fosun International.

It seems a desperate ploy by fans and many teams of other Championship clubs to stop Wolves having their moment of glory and some aren’t willing to be all hailing and respecting the side from the Black Country.

The future for Wolves does seem rosy, given this promotion back to the Premier League and with huge funds to strengthen and better the current crop of players.

The last few years for Wolves since their last game in the Premier League in May 2012 has seen them go down twice, win promotion and go through a new ownership and seen a lot of managers go through a revolving managerial door.

With all those recent lows, good has emerged and the fans now have a bright smile on their face so maybe the fans and the club have earned the right to have success after hardships.

Whilst enjoying this promotion, the club will be planning for a new division and not just any division but the glorious riches of the Premier League.

Wolves are an attractive club and are very ambitious too and don’t intend to settle for mediocrity in the Premier League like some clubs, they want to reach the top and who can blame them even though it may be quite a distance away and a bit over zealous.

Their summer business will be interesting to say the least, as Jorge Mendes will certainly have a big say on incomings as he will possibly look to bring players in whom he is an agent too or very much knows.

With Mendes also being agent to NES (Nuno Espírito Santo), the man responsible for their promotion, he will have a say in the market of which he wants and doesn’t want.

They have players that are very much Premier League quality in Neves, Conor Coady, Helder Costa and so on.

The tools and foundations are already layed to some degree going into the 2018-2019 season they hope they grow the foundations and get the current  tools in a better way with good acquisitions and remaining patient with the players and in particular the talented coach.

It’s too early to say where Wolves will finish in the Premier League for next season, but on paper they look one of the best to come up from the Championship in recent years.

The club may have lost its aggression and fighting spirit a few years ago and certainly not living up to what you associate with the animal, but it seems now that has come into play and seem even more hell bent to cause rampage and frighten the big boys and the rest of the Premier League.

Fear the Wolves.

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