Will teams in Europe gamble on MLS and US stars in the future?

Will teams in Europe gamble on MLS and US stars in the future?

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The Major League Soccer is well known for being the "retirement league" for ex legends of the game making the move from Europe across the ocean and a chance to finish off their career in style with all eyes on MLS cup. The league has been the finale for a lot of footballing legends such as the likes of David Beckham, Andrea Pirlo, Steven Gerrard and many more. It's rare that the MLS gets a look in for upcoming talent or players ready to make the step up in Europe.

But over the past few seasons the league has started to attract clubs from the top 5 leagues which is starting to gather more attention from the footballing world. In 2008 Jozy Altidore made the move from NY red bulls to Villarreal for $10 million he made his way round Europe such as Turkey, Holland and England. His best goal scoring season came in the 2012-13 season when he netted 31 goals in 41 games. Jozy had a short stint in the premier league with Hull City for a season which he only netted twice. Before he headed back to the MLS he spend a few years at Sunderland where he managed 3 goals. Upon his return to the MLS he scored 14 in his first season for Toronto FC which involved a deal for Jermaine Defoe to go in the opposite direction which resulted in him being a success at Sunderland.

In the last transfer window Atlanta United forward Miguel Almiron made the move to Newcastle United for £21 million and has already impressed in his first 2 games. Miguel won the MLS cup and provided 12 goals and 13 assists for the MLS champions. While Newcastle already have US mens national team star Deandre Yedlin, who started off at Seattle Sounders. Eventually moving to Spurs and then to Newcastle during their promotion back to the Premier league in 2016-17 season. Another one for the future, Zack Steffen is due to join up with the Manchester city squad in the 19/20 season as he made the move for £7 million from Columbus Crew. Another exciting prospect Alphonso Davies who made the move to Bayern Munich from Vancouver Whitecaps at 18 years old. One record breaking signing was Christian Pulisic, who will join Chelsea in the 2019-20 season after Chelsea agreed a deal with Borussia Dortmund for £57 million. Christian who previously hasn't played in the MLS but came through the youth system in Germany and made his Debut at the club at 17.

In the past few American stars have had success in Europe and especially in the Premier League such as Clint Dempsey who had stints at Fulham and Spurs. Which he was Fulham's player of the season and top goal scorer for the 2010-11 and 2011-12 season and the highest scoring American in the league with 57 goals. While the talent of the US national team is looking brighter for next world cup, we might see more MLS and American stars crossing the water to Europe in the search of success. We can only imagine scouts will be spending more time in America to bring news back that they've scouted the next big thing, in hope that they discover a Clint Dempsey than a Jozy Altidore.


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