Who Will Be the League One Champions this Season?

Who Will Be the League One Champions this Season?

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Hello everyone, I'm Jade and this is my first article for All Out Football. I am an avid fan of the current League One team, Scunthorpe United. That being said, for my first post, I will be talking about which teams in League One I think are in with a chance of becoming the 2017/18 season champions.

First of all,  I believe that Bradford City are very likely to earn a place in the play-offs, if they don't gain automatic promotion. With the Bantams making signings such as Dominic Poleon and Jake Reeves, City have a chance of grabbing a place high up in the table.  Seeing as they didn't beat the recently-promoted Millwall earlier on in the year in the play-offs, I personally feel that they'll come back twice as hard.

I also think that Doncaster Rovers have a decent chance of promotion this season, despite coming up from League Two. The last time I saw them play was back in 2015, at Scunthorpe United's last away game of the season, and they seemed a pretty strong side. And yes, we got hammered about 4-0, but we don't talk about that. Rovers have also recently signed Ben Whiteman from upcoming Championship side Sheffield United, so that signing could have an impact on where they finish at the end of this season.

Blackburn Rovers are a favourite to win the league this season, after being relegated from the Championship. They seem one of the stronger sides of League One, but I guess we will have to see how strong they really are when they play more against other League One teams.

Last but not least, Scunthorpe United. Like I said I am a fan of this team so of course I want to think they'll do well, but are they really in with a chance of automatic (or even a place in the play-offs) promotion? Last season, we played very well at the start but lost it towards the end, and that caused us to lose our places in first and second, but did end up finishing third.

That was it for my first piece for All Out Football, and I really enjoyed writing it. I hope you enjoyed it and keep checking back to see when I post more. Thank you for reading!

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