Will there ever be another goalkeeper like Manuel Neuer?

Written by Richard Williams

This week we’ve had the International break, though it may not be everyone’s favourite, there is still a lot of great football being played. I didn’t manage to catch much of it, apart from the second half of the England game. And the biggest thing that happened from the game was Joe Hart’s wonder stop, not to mention a few others. So being on the subject of Goalkeepers I’ve decided to have a look into the best shot stoppers around. Instantly Manuel Neuer came to mind.


credit Saadick Dhansay

Manuel Neuer plies his trade in the Bundesliga with Bayern Munich, he’s been with the club since June 2011 where he joined from Schalke for a fee of £19m which makes him the second most expensive goalkeeper behind Gianluigi Buffon. Neuer has since then been in outstanding form, winning the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil and picking up the Golden Glove. He also finished 3rd in voting for FIFA Ballon d’Or award in 2014. Not a bad year for the German.

Over the past few seasons I’ve witnessed Neuer make some remarkable saves, two that stand out to me are his strong right hand against Algeria in the 2014 World Cup, and the other which denied Theo Walcott’s header from close range in last seasons Champions League. I also have fond memories of when he was in goal for Schalke against Manchester United,  I remember he pulled off some astonishing saves.

How does he compare to the likes of David De Gea, Jan Oblak, Thibaut Courtois, Joe Hart and Gianluigi Buffon? On a personal opinion I think he outranks them all purely because of what he’s achieved, no disrespect meant to the other keepers mentioned here but you can’t win all the trophies and awards he’s won and not be the best can you? I believe he’s set the benchmark for goalkeepers across the world. He’s a natural born leader, he demands to be involved in the game, whilst acting as a fifth man across Bayern’s back 4, which I think adds to the list of skills in his locker. He is also very confident with the ball at his feet which a lot of goalkeepers aren’t. Leaving him, in my eyes, as the worlds best.

Is Neuer the standout goalkeeper in the world? Let us know in the comments below!

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featured image by Anas Alsaidy