Why Tottenham won’t be challenging once again this season

So now the transfer window has shut and the Premier League is well and truly back I can tell you why Tottenham won’t be challenging yet again.

Yes Spurs have a quality team but until Levy invests big bucks into the club or sells the club to billionaires like the Man City owners then nothing will change.

First off, they will have to settle into their new home which isn’t as easy as it sounds because look at most teams that move into a brand new stadium, they hardly ever win in the very first season.

Tottenham could surprise us all though as Spurs hardly ever win at Wembley but then when they moved into Wembley for the season last season they played quality football but obviously wasn’t good enough to win any trophies, so on that basis they could surprise us all and do well in that very first season in their new home.

Secondly, I can’t remember if they sold any quality players but they didn’t sign one single player during this summer transfer window and the reason Pochettino gave was because of Brexit. Yes we all know that politics is now in football a lot more than what it used to be but that is the most pathetic excuse, that’s if that excuse was real.

As everyone knows Spurs were chasing Aston Villas Jack Grealish, and for one reason or another it didn’t materalise as Villa were saying that Spurs were nowhere near the asking price. The problem with that is you can’t just go after one person the whole transfer window and then that falls flat on your face and not have anyone else in the pipeline.

With the squad that Tottenham have got as its the same as last season and maybe the curse of a new stadium I don’t think that Tottenham Hotspur will be challenging for any silverware again.

My prediction for Tottenham this season is 4th spot. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!