Why should you support your local team?

Why should you support your local team?

Last update: 25 October 2017 Categories: Featured.

We all know that the Premier League is continuing to develop in every aspect of the game and we all want to see the best players in the country play right in front of our eyes, however, there are many reasons why supporting your local team feels that little bit more special.


Firstly, atmosphere. The atmosphere at many lower league games can be of a very high standard; local fans, supporting the same local team, all for the sole purpose of feeling proud of the team closest to them. The passion is evident through the chants from the crowd as their team are flying above the opposition, but also the continuation of support when they know their team are out of the game. The shared euphoria amongst supporters and players, when celebrating a goal, is second to nothing when a club means that much to you.


Secondly, local talent. Over the years, we have seen many lower league footballers work their way up the ranks to become recognisable names in big leagues, with Jamie Vardy being the classic example. Your local team is likely to include some of the best talent in your area, young talent in particular, with huge potential to succeed. Local teams certainly produce ‘the ones to watch.’

Thirdly, success. Although ticket prices for lower league games are relatively lower than that of others, the money means a considerable amount to the club. Admission money can go towards the stadium, pitch, match day events etc. to benefit fans and players, therefore, making the club more successful.


Lastly, pride. Your local team represent your area, so the unified feeling at a local match reinforces that pride. There’s something about being able to tell others how many goals your local team put against their rivals and to be able to say that you were there supporting them, and were proud to do so.


Besides helping the club and everyone involved, by supporting your local team, local football is the best way to watch quality games, witness outstanding goals and experience a fantastic atmosphere.

If you’re not local, you’re not loyal.

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