Why I Feel For Teams Like Barnet


I do really feel for teams like Barnet etc… but more so for teams like Barnet and smaller, as just around the corner from Barnet you have the likes of Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal, so how can teams such as Barnet compete with the likes of Spurs and the Gunners?

I can hear you say nothing, but I believe deep down that you, whether it’s to get a bigger piece of land to build a bigger and better stadium or doing really cheap ticket offers like Crawley Town do etc to get the crowds in, and plus play some nice attractive attacking football.

So my first point of this blog is, that even with these lowly teams like Barnet you can put ticket deals in place like they do at Crawley, I think the Crawley owner had a brilliant idea by doing this deal and that other lowly teams should follow suit. But it is by getting fans to pay what you can for a ticket and my gosh that leads to a packed stadium and I for one think its a brilliant incentive to bring fans into the stadium and to bring younger fans into the footballing family.

This leads me nicely onto my second point, which is: Once you have got the crowds coming in by doing ticket offers in my first point you can actually hire a decent experienced lower league manager and get that attacking football that everyone likes seeing and getting them decent League 1 and 2 players that all League 1 and 2 clubs wants. If you sell your dreams and ambitions to these players they could well sign for you which then means your well on your way to the promised land…. yes that’s right, the Premier League.

Which leads me very nicely onto my third point, by this point you should of made a nice tidy little profit by doing the ticket deals and getting that experienced manager in and all those quality League 1 and 2 players in that you have sold a few of the replica shirts with the names and numbers of their favourite players that you can now start looking at possible sites for a new football stadium that is much bigger and better that you can get even bigger revenue etc from just like the likes of Brighton and Hove Albion, Swansea City, Hull City etc did, yes most of them are now back in the championship but have all spent time in the premier league, but if those sorts of teams can get to where they want to go, then why can’t Barnet?

Which leads me onto the final part of this blog, I know it’s easier said than done as if your a football owner then you do lose a lot of money, most probably lose a lot more than what you make but I think if Barnet stopped going round in circles by appointing the same managers over and over again and get a decent owner in that has more a budget of an League 1 or 2 team than a conference budget they could well contend to start going up the Leagues instead of flirting with the conference every other season or so.

But I must admit, Barnet are too good for the conference but with their budget at the moment they are no where near a League 2 team, but I’m sure that if they got the right owner in they could eventually contend with the likes of Spurs or even the Arsenal… but until there owner changes or does ticket deals like I suggested then I like most probably so many others will have to carry on feeling sorry for the likes of Barnet!

What do you make of these thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!