Why I as a Manchester United fan hate the Super league idea

Why I as a Manchester United fan hate the Super league idea

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Football was rocked yesterday by the news that the big six in the Premier League have agreed to join the new European Super League.

Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, and Tottenham agreed to play in a "new midweek competition" while remaining in the league.

Other clubs worldwide like AC Milan, Barcelona, Inter Milan, Juventus, and Real Madrid have also joined the most systemic change up world football has ever seen.

Fan's of the English clubs have never agreed on much, but the furore that this has caused online was like nothing football had ever seen. 

The new competition would include the same 15 teams every year, with the remaining five qualifying annually.

According to Spanish paper Marca:

Every club will receive 3.5 billion euros to start with, with American bank JP Morgan lending and financing the project. The winners get 400 million euros, compared to the 120 million euros in the Champions League.,

The rest of the 1.95 billion euros in the European Super League, 488 million (25 per cent), will be handed out in initial payments and another 585 million based on results.

Another 30 per cent of payments will go based on a club's coefficient achieved over the past ten years. That leaves 292 million euros (15 per cent) dished out in add-ons.

Every pundit and football fan around the world rallied against the proposal to change the Premier League structure. Borris Johnson said in a statement:

"The government was "going to look at everything that we can do with the football authorities to make sure that this doesn't go ahead in the way that it's currently being proposed".

The move is seen by many critics as a power grab to generate more money and goes against everything on what football is and should be. 

I follow Manchester United religiously and have fallen in love with the club's ethos and everything it stands for, the young players, the history, the highs and the lows etc.

The Superleague erodes everything that Manchester United stand for. We live in hope as United fans that a man who delivered the European cup in 1999 would be able to provide a league title and a Champions League back to Old Trafford. It's football romanticism in its purest essence.

I have supported Manchester United all my life and realised that football's death sentence is a rubber-stamp if this project goes ahead. This move is nothing short of disgusting greed and cynicism.

I am not from Manchester, but watching the team from the medium of football is something that I will never forget growing up. The moment's like Kiko Macheda's winner at Aston Villa to win the league, John Terry's slip in Moscow and even Ferguson retiring are moments that you will not replicate in a format like this. 

Manchester United's history with the Munich air disaster in 1958 and winning the European cup 10 years later in Lisbon with academy graduates is what the club has been built on. Hero's like George Best, Bobby Charlton, Bryan Robson, Ryan Giggs's legacy will go up in tatters. 

Many players have come through the United academy and have gone on to win the big prizes in football. If this goes ahead and a young player makes his debut for United, does it even count when the chance to get to the top of the English football pyramid is gone?

You take someone like Marcus Rashford. A graduate from the academy that has gone on great things for people and United. There are no more Marcus Rashford's or Mason Greenwoods as the objective to be the best in England is gone. Another class of 92''s at the club will become non-existent, for example.

As much I hate seeing Manchester United suffer, it's part of the game. Where is the jeopardy in the European Superleague when you can't go up and down from being poor or good at football?

The notion that Manchester United could play Real Madrid every year, not on sporting merit, destroys football as a sport. A few years ago, Madrid played Barcelona four times in the space of two weeks. El Classico at this time was seen as the biggest game in world football. It became tiresome due to repetition.

We look forward to these games every year when the calendar comes out, but European super nights are unique and should be earned. 

Like Aston Villa and Leicester, clubs like Aberdeen and Nottingham Forest's rich European history will never happen again, even if there is rarer nowadays. 

Many people can say that football's authenticity died long ago when big broadcasters like BT and Sky changed the working man's game to elitist money making machine. I agree that people are priced out of football when it shouldn't be the case. Last year Sky announced a package of £14.99 to watch football during Covid-19. Fan's fought back against it. 

A famous scot once coined the term:

"Football, bloody hell!" in an interview after winning the treble. How can you replicate these moments in this proposal?. You can't

The soul and essence of the club lives and breathes through people in the community. This move to join a new league is something that no fan who loves the club would ever ratify; It would be turned down in seconds. 

Football has its flaws, and nobody can deny that, but there has always been a tradition with people being the heart of it. I wouldn't be against Manchester United receiving the most substantial punishment possible. 

The notion of relegation is not something I'd welcome, but there needs to be something done if this is allowed to go ahead. Do not let any of the big six clubs back in the league as a warning despite the financial constraints it would cause to the league. 

Bobby Robson once said:

"What is a club in any case? Not the buildings or directors or the people who represent it.

"It's the noise, the passion, the feeling or belonging to the pride in your city".

Fan's make football, and nobody asked for this. 

How has Paris Saint Germain rejected the chance to join this league, a team backed by Qatar, a sports washing state? How are they the beacons of moral superiority,

How are Spurs or Arsenal even allowed into this despite being  7th and 9th in the league?

How are clubs like Liverpool and Manchester United with their ethos on community backing this, "it means more" or "football is nothing without fans" rings hollow.

Football without competition is entertainment. How is the average football fan going to fund trips to Italy and then Spain the week after? They can hardly fund a trip to Stoke midweek. 

This latest move goes against everything football stands for and should be met with the harshest backlash possible. If football wants to retain whatever semblance of honesty and integrity it has left, it has to for fans and the good of the game.

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