Who Should We Want To Get Relegated From The Premier League?

Who Should We Want To Get Relegated From The Premier League?

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'Super Sunday', Sky Sports showcase for the weekend which normally gets built up for at least two exciting matches for us fans to enjoy. Many will deem the value of each weeks by the teams that feature and can often be disregarded should a top six clash not appear despite the big matches often failing to live up to the hype. All so often though matches involving certain teams are likely to be less enthralling affairs and this surely can only be detrimental to Sky's desperation to market 'the best league in the world'. With this being said and the relegation battle firmly open like never before, who should we as fans want to get rid of to make sure 'Super Sunday' a little bit more lively in future?

West Bromwhich Albion

The Baggies are a club that I actually don't mind. They have great fans but they are a club that need putting down and it looks like that is going to be the case this season anyway. Unfortunately they have been infected by Tony Pulis and it was always going to take a while to get rid of that style, regardless of results. West Brom have an efficient but ageing squad, despite last seasons resounding success they are as dull and uninspiring as it comes. Happy to defend predominently, it finally caught Pulis out this season and he paid the price with his job. The chances are if West Brom are involved you are not watching pretty football and you're suffering from a turgid match regardless of opposition. They need to go but hopefully better football finds its way to the Hawthorns.

Stoke City

Again Pulis left his mark on Stoke City and it was going to take a bit of transformation to make them into a more entertaining side which is what Mark Hughes was left with the task of doing. In came Bojan, Shaqiri and Afellay, the tide had turned...wrong. Despite these efforts to inject some attacking flair and better football to Stoke they have been sucked into old habits by the Premier League riches, playing safe and becoming a stale outfit in the division. When Stoke visited my side Watford this season it was eye-opening, it was one of the most negative and destructive performances from an away side I'd seen in ages. It won them the game as the Hornets had an off day but it very much raised the question, is this a battle won in a losing war? Regardless if Stoke survive this season they can't be any fun to support, they like West Brom are a side you dread will be on TV and are more than likely in for a dull affair. They are currently in the relegation zone and I don't think the Premier League will be missing out if they stay there.

Swansea City

The Swans have once again made a remarkable turn around this time under Carlos Carvalhal when they at one point looked all but dead and buried. The problem is that there seems to be a lack of inspiration at the club until a certain point in the season and once again with a change their fortunes have been bolstered. You get the feeling it's almost becoming a cycle for the club and that predicatbility is one that got very tedious with Sunderland in my opinion. The Welsh club are a tidy side but their days have changed when they were one of the best teams to watch with their slick football who would happily take on anyone. These days they are more conservative and the football doesn't always get you out of your seat with a lack of individual quality evident. I wouldn't be too upset should they exit the league as they sit 3 points clear of the drop.

Who would you like to see get relegated this season? Let us know in the comments below!

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