Who is Islam Slimani?

Who is Islam Slimani?

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Written by Dan Anjos

Being a Sporting Lisbon fan, I know a lot about Islam. Yesterday was definitely bitter sweet, it was good for Sporting in terms of financially and good for Slimani for sure. He will be deeply missed in Lisbon though. Leicester fans be warned, he will become a fan favourite in a very short time. Slimani's story is very similar to Vardy's rise to glory. So he definitely suits the Leicester ethos.

3 summers ago he was signed for a mere €300k and now he is worth €30m. If that is not an indication of his rise then I don't know what is. He has become one of Europe's most prolific goalscorers, last year he finished the year with 27 league goals in 31 league games. Islam has become the player he is through hard work, training and a lot of dedication. Technically he was very clumsy when he came but last week when he goes past 3 Porto defenders with so much ease it really shows how much he has improved over the 3 years.


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His qualities? His biggest quality is definitely he knows where the goal is and is extremely good in the air. Signing Sli, now offers a complete different side to Leicester that they did not have. Him and Vardy together could become a memorable partnership for Leicester fans. Slimani is not a slow player so the balls over the top will still work especially considering he is a lot stronger than Vardy. He holds up the ball well allowing the team to push on. Being good in the air he wins a lot of flick ons which Vardy could easily take advantage of. He is also a big game player, scoring 6 goals versus Porto in 6 games for example. Leicester having Porto in the Champions league will definitely be causing the Porto fans now to be very worried. Why I think this Vardy+ Slimani will be so efficient because they like to press high and defenders will constantly be under pressure and fighting these two. Defences will get tired but these two seem to have boundless amounts of energy.

Signing Slimani is also a true sign to the rest of the league that Leicester are here to stay. The fans will be delighted with the intent behind the signing. Slimani will be hungry to succeed and I am 99% sure he will flourish in England. Even the Leicester top players such as Mahrez (who already plays with Sli for Algeria) Vardy and Drinkwater will be delighted at the owners for bringing him in. It will take the pressure from Vardy to constantly be scoring and allow him even more freedom up top as he will not have to be fixed as Slimani will be there. January could be hard for Leicester without Slimani and Mahrez with AFCON. But they have a much stronger squad this year than last year in depth.

All the best to Super Sli.

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