Who is Cengiz Under?

He cautioned in Roma this season. All eyes on top. He is 20 years old. Who is that name? Cengiz Ünder!

He was born in Turkey. For the first time Altınordu cautioned. In 2014 he was in uniform. A club that cares about the Altınordu youth. That is why he has a big share in the development of Cengiz. Because the club philosophy is not just to train footballers. To train individuals with character. 

2016/2017 season was transferred to Başakşehir for 700 thousand euros. He immediately took notice of the great clubs. In this process, coach Abdullah Avci personally took care of himself. He says he’s proud of himself at every opportunity today.

Cengiz Under, Italian media attention also attracted. In the headlines with goals! They make him look like Dybala. Age is small but self-confidence is great! Shots and game information is very good. 

Cengiz Ünder won the heart of the Roma tribunes in his first season. They call him “Undertaker”. Expectations are too much.

Is a new star born?

It’s too early to say this, but this young man will talk a lot about himself!

We’ll wait and see…

featured image credit goal.com