What's next for Wilshere?

What's next for Wilshere?

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Jack Wilshere may have just been left out of the England squad for the World Cup in June, but this may not be the only disappointment he may face this summer.

The 26-year-old Arsenal midfielder is out-of-contract come July 1st, and is yet to be offered a new deal from The Gunners.

The Englishman has made a total of 40 appearances in all competitions, scoring two goals, and assisting his teammates on seven occasions.

The biggest question, is what's next for Wilshere?

Say the worst does happen, and he finds himself without a club come July 1st, I'm sure he won't be short of clubs trying to secure his services.

I have come up with several options the midfielder could take:

1) A Return to The Cherries?

A bold move, but one that could work nicely for both the club and Wilshere. A return to Bournemouth, I'm sure wouldn't spell the end to Wilshere's England career. Eddie Howe and his squad are an ambitious group of players, and adding Wilshere to their ranks, could lead them to a higher league position, and potentially a FA Cup or League Cup run. Wilshere spent the 2016/17 Premier League season on loan at Bournemouth, where he made 29 appearances, and assisted teammates on two occasions.

One negative for Wilshere could be that Bournemouth, may not be able to offer him as high of a wage that another clubs may be able to. Another negative, is if Bournemouth don't finish in a good enough league position, Southgate may overlook Wilshere for future England squads

2) Bonjour Jack!

A potential move that has only recently surfaced, and one I didn't see coming. According to reports, Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) are rumored to be interested in signing Wilshere if he's not offered a new deal. As surprising as this move is, this is one that could definitely work out well for him, both financially, and for his chances of regaining a place in future England squads. Alongside this, Wilshere could fit in nicely with incoming PSG manager Thomas Tuchel's favoured 4-1-4-1 formation, where he could play either as the defensive-midfielder or in centre-midfield.

The only negative for Wilshere could be, that he would refrain from moving abroad, due to having three young children in England.

3) Glasgow Jack?

Moving north of the border could be a possibility for Wilshere. Both Glaswegian sides will be looking to acquire new additions. Celtic could strengthen even more with the addition of Wilshere, whereas Rangers, now with new manager Steven Gerrard at the helm, will be looking to give Celtic a firm challenge by signing the best players possible.

If Wilshere was to consider a move to Scotland, there are some potential negatives he could face. One is whether playing in the SPFL could help gain him a place back in future England squads. Another is, could a Scottish side afford his wage demands?.

4) For his family?

It has been reported that Wilshere's family are West Ham fans. The Hammers were apparently after Wilshere's services last summer, but never made a formal bid for him. A move to the London Stadium could be an interesting one for the midfielder, with the appointment of a new manager soon, and the West Ham owners wanting to make the club a top six side, the addition of Wilshere could help them move closer to their goals. Alongside this, if West Ham were to finish in a decent league position, and Wilshere featured heavily in their league campaign, I'm sure Southgate will consider him for future England squad.

If Wilshere was to move to West Ham, the negative he may face is similar to that of the one he could face at Bournemouth, if West Ham do not have a successful league campaign, and finish in a 'poor' position, Wilshere may be overlooked by Southgate for future England Squads.

Whatever Wilshere does between now and July 1st, I'm sure his decision will be based on returning to the England squad as soon as possible, as well as the best move for himself and his family.

What do you think Jack Wilshere should do next? Let us know in the comments below!