What can we expect from Rovers latest signing Gordon Greer?

What can we expect from Rovers latest signing Gordon Greer?

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Written by Talk Of Ewood

Gordon Greer is Rovers' latest signing following a successful trial, but what can we expect from the Scottish defender?

Gordon Greer

Ex-Rover Gordon Greer has only recently been on trial but seems to have impressed both fans and management. Greer failed to make an appearance in his first spell at Rovers 15 years back, however he later blossomed at Brighton and Hove Albion as a true club man and a captain to all. At the age of 35, Greer rejected a new contract at Brighton as he wanted more game time, Coyle jumped at the chance of taking him on trial and expects to use him as back up. Greer is a leader of men, calm on the ball and a sensible head, however he lacks pace but is intelligent enough to recover that with other factors. Greer is also a Scottish international despite only earning 11 caps since 2013.

What does Greer have that our other Centre backs don't?

Duffy: Unlike Duffy, Greer has bags of experience. Greer has experienced both a title challenging season and relegation fights during his spell at Brighton and that could prove vital with whatever Blackburn end up doing this season. Duffy seems like a leader and I am sure he would do an excellent job as captain, but Greer is a proven leader, someone who has 'been there and done it'.

Ward: Elliot Ward and Gordon Greer are quite alike, both have experienced the Championship and what comes with it, and are towards the later stages of their careers. The one thing that Greer brings to the table that Elliot Ward fails to is international experience. This could be key as he will have faced all sorts of players, including Robert Lewandowski of Poland, so he could share his knowledge with fellow players in how to deal with some of the best.

Wharton: Greer could, if he wanted to, be a father figure to the young Scott Wharton, as Wharton is only young, Greer can teach him all the tricks of the trade and how to get by in moments Scott won't have dealed with before. Greer will take most of the pressure off Wharton and cushion his path to the first team.

After signing, he is set to be back up unless a Hanley replacement is not found, Greer will be stepping in with a sensible style when needed and helping out youngsters like Scott Wharton on their way. Let's hope it works out for him and I wish him a successful time at the club, and I hope it's a lot better than his stint at Rovers 15 years back!

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