What did the first half of the football season teach us!

What did the first half of the football season teach us!

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As we have now arrived in 2019 we are well into the football season and we've now had the first half of the football season, so what have we learnt from it?

Even though I dont like spurs (but I won't go into that on here) I must admit that I am pleasantly surprised at how well they have performed in the first of half of the season where they didnt sign a single player in the summer transfer window. Can they challenge for the title this season? I dont think so even though they are playing some quality football this season, if they dont sign anyone in this transfer window I don't think they will really get anywhere this season once again.

As for Manchester City, they started the season off very well, it was like watching the Man City of last season but then they had that sticky patch over the festive period can they make up the ground we will see, but I think even if they don't sign anyone in this transfer window they have enough quality in there team to finish in the top two and even win the league.

Now onto Liverpool, didn't start off the season well just like Spurs but have managed to mount a challenge for the title but can they keep up momentum? I dont think they can and they will finish in the top four but they definitely need to sign one or two more players in this window. Under Klopp they have improved and play some nice football but after losing to Man City the other night they need to improve that little bit more to keep up with the big boys.

Now to the other end of the premier league. I thought that Huddersfield Town would go straight back down but somehow managed to do reasonably well (what I can remember) so for them to be struggling this season really comes as no surprise to me if I'm honest.

As for Fulham, I think they will do what they did last time (if my memory does me good) have one season in the premier league then get relegated and then come back up as champions and then last a few seasons in the top flight. Now they have appointed Ranieri can he do the same as what he did with Leicester City by guiding them to safety and then the season after winning the premier league title? I don't think so but I have been proven wrong before.

As for Southampton, they have been on a downward spiral for a couple of years now and with them selling they're best players season after season would they really be surprised if they went down? I think not but if they sign a couple of good players this window and somehow get the confidence back up I could see them staying up but if they dont do those two things then I really can't see them avoiding the drop but I do hope I'm wrong.

As for the top end of the championship you have Leeds and Norwich fighting it out for the title as it stands.

We will begin with Norwich, the aim this season was just to do better than last season but they didn't expect to be doing this well this season, can they go up? Well just lately they have been the comback kings and if they can keep up the comebacks if they fall behind and keep this confidence up then it should easily be top two for Norwich.

Now on to Leeds, most fans don't like Leeds but I would love to see them back in the premier League, but I hope that they don't do what they do most seasons and bottle it but under bielsa they have been playing some quality football but still look a little bit weak at the back so maybe they need to buy a new defender but if they keep up with the way they are playing then it should be top two for them. If Leeds and Norwich do maintain they're forms it will be interesting to see who wins the championship title.

What are your predictions for the second half of the season? Let us know in the comments below!

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