Why West Ham should sell Payet ‘The Snake’

It is no secret that Dimitri Payet is undoubtably West Ham’s current best player. Under recent times there has been nothing but drama involving himself and the club, with news coming that he wants away. Payet has refused to play twice now, but hasn’t been deducted wages, putting his absence down to ‘a back injury’ so it kind of leaves West Ham’s hands tied. West Ham manager Slaven Bilic has came out and said that Payet is not going anywhere, despite two recently turned down bids from former club Marseille, a very bold and courageous thing to do in many people’s opinion, and shows a sense of authority from the Croat, how many other managers would come out and confess that there is a problem in the dressing room?

Here’s my take on why West Ham should sell Payet:

What have West Ham currently got to lose? It is pretty clear that Dimi’ does not want to play for the club, and if, for example he was to stay until the end of the season, at least, then what is to say he will be giving 100% in every game he plays? West Ham themselves are currently in the refreshment period with a brand new ground, and lots of potential for the future, so they COULD attract a decent signing(at least) if they were to cash up on the French maestro.

Do West Ham really need this current episode of Eastenders right now? They themselves are not playing the most attractive and exciting football at the moment, only just clinging onto mid table, after struggling early doors in the season. For their best player to come out and say he does not want to be there, will only knock The Hammers off their perch a bit, if you’re playing someone who doesn’t want to be there, what does that suggest? It suggests to me that Bilic would allow Payet to think that he is bigger and better than the club, which isn’t true for ANY team.

After beating Crystal Palace 3-0 at the weekend, there was a sense of “Up yours, Payet” feeling towards it, proving that The Hammers could do fine just without the talisman, which they would. Could you really see West Ham relegation threatened without Payet in their team? I couldn’t, not with the quality on show in their side, and after all, there are definitely three worse teams in the Premier League than West Ham at the moment. It is evident that Payet was a sufficient element towards West Ham’s successful season last year, which resulted in them qualifying for Europe, but it’s time to let him go, he signed a contract stating that he wanted to play for club, and only as recent as February last year.

What does that actually suggest? That he’s been tampered? As stated, Marseille have had two bids rejected for their former midfielder, what does that actually mean for Payet himself? Marseille themselves are doing really poorly in recent times, and only just scraped a top half finish in Ligue 1 last season. Would he really leave a current mid-table team to join another one for an extra bit of cash a week? Granted, he would be back home, but who else would want him? The attitude he has shown, to be quite honest, is an absolute disgrace, he has a job which millions of people could only dream on, and for him to not play just to demand a move is quite frankly the most unprofessional thing you can possibly do. Put yourself in Real Madrid’s shoes, for example, Payet is undoubtably a great player, but he’s not so good he could be guaranteed a start every week, if you’re Real Madrid manager, and you’re interested in a Dimitri Payet, and you’re watching from above scenes that are currently unfolding, would it not put you off? It certainly would me, because it adds an element of unreliability to his name.

My advise to Payet? Sort your act out, son. Play your football and keep your head down, and you will get your move, show those Hammers fans a little bit more respect than they deserve, and show that you are playing for badge, not the name on the back.


My advise to West Ham?

Sell up, get rid of the negative morale that he is spreading. West Ham should at least treble what they bought him for, and they can recruit players who show fight and have that extra bit of talent, using the money for Dimi’.


I doubt myself very much that Payet will leave this window, but I do think Bilic has a real problem on his hands, has Payet just basically said that he’s been offered a big money move, causing him not to play? We will never know.