My Watford- Tottenham experience

Written by Jorge Velasco

My day two experience for the Watford-Tottenham match was intriguing to say the least. A visit for five days to London meant that we (my family) had the chance to witness another predicted victory for the Hotspurs. The day started at about 7:45, waking up, breakfast, then we headed for the hour journey on the M25 towards Watford Junction.

Upon arrival, we received a very friendly reception at Vicarage Road and we sat at our table in the Sir Elton John Suite with an amazing view of the pitch. An early lunch came before our eyes, and it was, as expected, delightful. At about 12:30, the Spurs players arrived and began to warm up. 20 minutes prior to kick off, we had the chance to go watch Mr. Potch lead his men in warm ups. At this moment, I liked what I saw from the Tottenham team and was feeling very comfortable facing a suffering Watford team, that had only pulled 7 out of the possible 27 points in their last nine games leading up to this game. Match time came and the referee’s whistle blew. Now, I’m not over exaggerating when I say this, but the second the whistle blew, the Spurs fans were roaring with a mix of fierceness and anxiety because, if Spurs didn’t take home 3 points, it would be said that they would be out of the title race, despite having many matches left in the season. Going back to the game, the boys dominated along with the stats, with Dele Alli hitting the crossbar 25 yards outside of the 18-box alongside many more chances. It didn’t come until the 27th minute until Kieran Trippier fed Harry Kane and assisted him to a 1-0 lead. Vicarage Road is silent.

Not too long afterwards, the same duo doubled the lead with a cross from the right-back who was temporarily replacing a suspended Kyle Walker after getting his fifth yellow card against Southampton. Just before the half, Dele Alli made it a whopping 3-0 lead after rebounding Sebastian Prodl’s block. At this point, the away section is about to melt in energy because they were not stopping anytime soon. Boos hit the Hornets heading into the half. Chanting away, the 2nd half begins and right off the bat, Mr. Alli, who only cost “4 mill” and is “better than Ozil” made Walter Mazzari almost curl up into a ball and cry whilst witnessing such a defeat towards his team. Nothing too much happened other than hearing the away fans singing until the fat lady sung.

Now, if you’ve read one of my articles, you’d know I’m a die-hard Tottenham fan. I got asked this a few times by my friends: how are you going to celebrate if your team scores. Great question. I didn’t. It was incredibly hard because “I had to respect the home team” which is completely understandable, just not the most exciting thing to do when you score four consecutive goals in less than 46 minutes. The game ended 4-1 with Watford pulling back a very lucky goal and lazy defending from our side. At full time, there were boos all around and frankly didn’t feel bad at all. I waited until the Arsenal-Palace match started and went down to where the players leave. Fortunately, I did get a picture with newcomer George Nkoudou, Kieran Trippier, and Eric Dier. I must be honest: I pushed Eric a little, which I don’t regret at all, it just could’ve come out a bit more professional. When he was heading for his BMW, I asked him “Eric, are you going to Bayern?” He laughed. I asked again. No response. I asked again. I knew he was ignoring me, but maybe I could get a little pipsqueak out of him. Ha, keep dreaming Mr. New York Times. All in all, I didn’t get an answer. Worth a try. It was worth an hours ride to the town and would definitely rank in my best stadiums list. Come on you Spurs!

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