Are Watford going to get caught by their revolving door policy?

Since the Pozzo family took charge of Watford in 2012, fans have become accustomed to change and Vicarage Road has very much become a revolving door which many believe goes against the grain and should simply not work. There is a constant belief amongst pundits that stability is key to long term success and that has always resulted in the club being tipped to either be relegated from the Premier League in both seasons or to not get promoted when in the Championship.

However the Italian owners have defied these odds and continue to move the club in a healthy position on and off the pitch. Really this question would not have been asked had the Hornets not slumped to a 17th place finish in the end which has caused alarm going into next season. And while I do think it is a perfectly reasonable question, it’s not something that really gives myself cause for concern and neither should it do for fans. This is because last season was a torrid one and that was largely down to the decision to appoint Walter Mazzarri. Ultimately the Pozzo’s must take responsibility for this, the Head Coach was a real mistake but if we’re to take anything from it, then it’s that lessons have been learnt in that department and as per usual, Marco Silva indicates the right thinking has once again taken place without guaranteeing any success.

First of all the club recorded an awful lot of injuries, record signing Roberto Pereyra was injured for most of the season meaning the squad was always put to the test. A constant flow of these injuries you suspect again could’ve been down to Mazzarri’s methodologies, you’d like to think this would not happen again. Players like Isaac Success who showed real promise most of the time he played were utilised very poorly so once again I do not doubt that this squad is good enough to stay well clear of the drop. We had such a poor level of management last season, with basic communication a real problem, an issue that should never occur in professional football so for that reason alone looking forwards, you would hope that we will see vast improvements in that regard to see much more out of a squad that I felt was often left to dry.

Despite all of this there are plenty of improvements to be made with transfer signings and moulding this squad. When I rated last years signings only three players were rated 7/10 and the rest were below making for grim reading about the overall impact of many players. This means adjustments do have to be made because the bad are outweighing the good however clinically speaking despite a torrid season, the club still achieved survival comfortably across the whole campaign and have always been successful with this approach so in many ways I would not be concerned should the same happen again. I also have no problem with the type of players the club generally go for. Many wanted players that were British based but Younes Kaboul and Tom Cleverley would suggest there is a justified reason why the club look abroad. It’s certainly good to have a balance but I think looking overseas is definitely still the answer for the club.

I feel it could be another summer of chop and change with many players needing to leave the club but it should all be about quality and not quantity with new recruits in my opinion which I realise contradicts the usual procedure. Players like Pereyra, Zarate, DjeDje and even players such as Success and Kabasele will almost be like fresh signings with a year under their belt with their surroundings so drastic changes are not needed.

The club should be eyeing up a quality striker to move the club forwards, a couple of wide men, a couple of central midfielders, a left back and potentially a centre half and a goalkeeper to really progress the squad. Although that would appear quite a few transfers, it would really give Marco Silva all he needs to take this club places.

Stability of course was meant to take place with Mazzarri’s three year contract but I believe in the modern game it is largely a myth, if you look at the likes of Chelsea they flourish by a constant change of manager and even if that means sacking a Champions League winning manager so be it, likewise with the sacking of Ranieri, it proved to be the right decision.

There is no outstanding reason to question the way the Pozzo’s work particularly if you are looking at results based outcomes and so next season should be looked at optimistically rather than with fear that this chop and change policy will catch up with the club.

Where do you stand on this Watford fans? Let us know in the comments below!