Damning allegations on high-profile players might well mark Football’s #MeToo movement

Damning allegations on high-profile players might well mark Football’s #MeToo movement

Last update: 8 February 2022 Tags: #MeToo Movement, Domestic violence. Categories: Featured.

The #MeToo movement needs no introduction, having left the whole world fascinated and glued to their screens, in search of the next big revelation of sexual misconduct. Hollywood film producer Harvey Weinstein has marked the biggest name convicted with regard to this movement, which certainly indicates the impact it left considering the influence carried by Weinstein. However, the world of football remained untouched by the #MeToo movement, with no false assurances over those part of the industry being do-gooders to the core.

While the rape allegations on Cristiano Ronaldo are no secret, even David Villa was accused of sexual harassment by an intern at New York City FC. Villa allegedly told her that he loved her and touched her inappropriately. No action was taken with regard to these allegations, with the former Barcelona attacker continuing to be a respected member of the footballing community. However, things are expected to change drastically after the damning allegations by Mason Greenwood’s girlfriend as well as the massive controversy surrounding Arsenal legend Marc Overmars. Bleeding profusely from her lips with marks all over her body, in images uploaded on Instagram, Greenwood's girlfriend has openly named him as the person responsible, even sharing voice clips where the Manchester United footballer can be heard forcing her to have sex.

Overmars left his role as Ajax's "Director of Football" today morning in a massive development, having been termed as the club's best man ever in the position of DoF by Ajax's Supervisory Board chairman Leen Meijaard. The former Barcelona footballer was pushed to leave having sent a series of inappropriate messages to several female colleagues over an extended period of time. Ajax
CEO Edwin van der Sar termed the situation "appalling", with Meijaard admitting that Overmars has "really gone over the line" with his actions. The former star footballer was considered capable of leading a revolution at some of the best clubs in world football, but had no words to defend himself, barring an admission that he was "ashamed" of his actions.

While Overmars has definitely engaged in an act that will haunt him for the rest of his life, it will certainly be a reasonable amount of redemption if such an astute decision by Ajax at his expense, results in a transformational wave in the world of football. The likes of Francesco Totti, Diego Maradona, Ronaldinho, Romario, Dwight Yorke, Garrincha, Antonio Cassano, George Best are all united by the fact that they were prominent names. However, they are also known for allegations of sexual misconduct, which certainly does not serve the right example to an audience that follows football in many cases, just to get an escape from their boring lives. Another infamous addition to this list would be Paul Gascoigne, who threw his wife Sheryl to the floor, breaking her finger.

Considering the notorious influences mentioned above, Greenwood certainly emulated Maradona off the pitch, with his alleged display of violence and act of rape, a sad reminder of the allegations by a Cuban woman about the Argentine footballer. "I even thought about suicide," she said.

It is time for football to return back to its roots and emerge as a source of joy.