United One More Time

José Mourinho, current Manchester United Manager, is well known all over the world because of his unique personality and his behaviour at press conferences. Loved by many, hated by much more, what can “The Special One” do for Manchester United?

The Red Devils are in a re-construction process. Since Alex Ferguson’s farewell the club has experimented a big crisis, and neither David Moyes or Louis Van Gaal could do anything about it. With some seasons in a really bad table position and losing matches that they were not used to losing started to strike the club’s prestige and the fans’ mood. The final strike was being condemned to play UEFA Europa League and suffering while watching other English teams playing Champions League football.

But everything changed for good when Mourinho arrived to Old Trafford and things can be even better. This man used the club’s money wisely and hired some awesome players, perfect for his style. He convinced his old friend Zlatan Ibrahimovic to join the club and managed to create a winning atmosphere. Because being a manager is more than just teach tactics and making your players run around the field and shoot to the goal.

Being a manager is also to convince your players with your idea. You have to manage the group, make them believe that if they do what you tell them, they’ll be better players and a better team. You need to form an army capable of giving everything on the pitch, ready to battle anyone at any time and leading the squad with authority but no authoritarianism. The same man that convinced Real Madrid players that they could beat Barcelona is the one that can convince Manchester United that greatness and majesty are not lost.

Spending money, training hard and playing good matches wasn’t enough. The Red Devils recovered some of the extra feelings you get when the communion, the pressure and the hunger are everywhere in your life. That atmosphere surely has spread into the fans once again, and if everything keeps its course, all together will be UNITED one more time and forever.

The path has been set, the players and the fans are there. The club has returned to big scenarios and of course, the big commander in chief is there, hopefully leading everyone to glory.