Tottenham’s Wembley curse lives on..

Tottenham’s Wembley curse lives on..

Last update: 17 September 2017 Tags: Swansea City, Tottenham. Categories: Premier League, Champions League.

After a very solid and exciting win midweek to one of Europe’s giants, Borussia Dortmund things were beginning to look better and the ground started to feel a bit of optimism finally sink in. Not only did we finally win at Wembley we got off to the start we so desperately required in the competition where there is really no space for mistakes. The fans finally made an atmosphere that the players could strive off in a stadium which everyone knows is not easy to do so in and the players finally delivered! Everything just seemed to click and the whole night seemed exactly what we were so desperate for last campaign.

However, this was all long-lived.... Saturday comes and all this seemed to disappear. The energy from fans and players was non-existent as Swansea’s game plan completely shut both the players on the pitch and us fans trying to urge them on out. With no disrespect to Swansea a team of Tottenham’s standard and the ambitions they have at the start of the season, it was a terrible performance with no flair throughout. Although the performance was generally poor I do think Pochettino was partly to blame. Dropping arguably our most consistent player this year Ben Davies who has come in and shone in the place of the injured Danny rose. Without Davies, we lacked a quality into the box due t having a right sided full back playing their which slowed any attacks down and allowed Swansea’s defence to react and clear all the danger without any real trouble. We played a very negative 11 still only starting one striker against a team who came to get a point and make the day hard for us.

Tottenham have struggled at Wembley yet again at the start of this season and the curse goes on. Without being too negative I cannot see this curse changing anytime soon and the quicker we are out of there and in our new home the better. Maintaining the levels we reached last season is a task I can currently not see being achieved and to even achieve top 4 seems an incredibly hard task right now.

The competition for the top 4 spaces is hotter than ever and every other team around us seems to have had a busier transfer window also. Not only do they make it difficult places they have their own fortresses at home where their fans make It hard for the opposing teams. Tottenham, however, is seen as a ‘day out’ to most teams and every teams both fans and players look forward to it due to the ground we are currently in. This curse will be a problem for us all season and something needs to hang before we are out of the top 4 race and the champions league with nothing to play for going into next season at our new ground.

As a Spurs fan, I hope this problem can soon be overcome and the season is still successful to a degree it until I see a change of tactics or team I cannot see this.