Tottenham vs Hull Preview!

Written by Jorge Velasco

This weeks match-up for Tottenham is against the Tigers, Hull City. They currently sit 2nd to last in the relegation zone, and as a Spurs fan, I do want to say that this should be an easy win. The statistics prove it all: Tottenham leads Hull in every single stat you can see. That doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll easily get all three points, but it should definitely be doable.

Ryan Mason is coming back to White Hart Lane to visit what was once his home town, and while he hasn’t been in the best of form, we should pay more attention to Robert Snodgrass. His price in the Premier League is incredibly underrated and should be looked after. Along side him will be Tom Huddlestone, who is also coming back to his former team. Huddlestone produces high quality games when he wants to, and lately, it seems like he has a lot of upside to his game. One more erratic player is Adama Diomande. Since the beginning of the season, he hasn’t had more than two matches that he’s played for the full 90. To me, this seems like Mike Phelan has had a lot of trouble deciding who his starting striker is going to be. The main point is that we need to play a strong midfield in order to hold up Hull and push them backwards towards their half.


credit wonker

As for Spurs, we haven’t been playing the best football these past three weeks, and I think that this weeks match-up would be the best time to change that. Three players that need to take initiative are Eric Dier, Christian Eriksen, and Harry Kane. Dier needs to be holding a strong position this match since he will have very little help with Moussa Dembele. Depending on his position, he’ll either need to be defending a lot or attacking a lot, it always looks like his position is centre back with Alderweierld out with a knee injury. Who knows what’ll go through Potch’s crazy head, for all we know, Harry Winks could be starting goalie and Hugo Lloris as a striker.

Christian Eriksen’s form has been on the rise ever since he scored his first season goal against Chelsea. He’s been more proactive and been taking more chances than before. I’ll be looking to see if he defends this match. Obviously, that’s not his role on the field, but as previously said, Dembele will be a big gap to fill in this match.


credit dom fellowes

Last but not least, Harry Kane is in peak form as he has scored 5 in his last 4 appearances for Tottenham. Harry Kane will not be filling any holes this match, but it could possibly more minutes as Vincent Janssen will be out with an ankle injury. If he carries on with this goal streak, he could be a Golden Boot contender for the season. Unlike last season where we came so close, yet became so far to the Premier League trophy, the next month or so will be easy and testing for the Tottenham Hotspur. The squad should be back in full roll as Erik Lamela is quickly recovering on his hip injury. Potch said on Sunday, “Erik is working to be available as soon as possible, but do not get your hopes up.” Moussa Dembele shouldn’t be long before he fully recovers before the rematch against the Blues on the 4th of January, which I will be attending! Looking forward towards the next couples of weeks! COYS!

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featured image by The Stadium Guide