Do Tottenham Need Erik Lamela?

Do Tottenham Need Erik Lamela?

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Wait, Erik Lamela still plays for Spurs? Yes, he does. The Argentine international suffered a hip injury during Spurs EFL Cup loss to Liverpool on October 25th.  Many people believe that Lamela’s time in North London may be coming to an end, as it seems he is not being missed at all. With Tottenham having a tremendous amount of success this season, will Lamela be solid in the upcoming transfer window?

Why Spurs will NOT sell Lamela:

Erik Lamela is coming off a very solid performance during the 2015-16 campaign, and in the time he played this season, he didn’t really show any poor performance. Last year he scored 5 goals from the midfield and created 75 chances throughout 34 Premier League matches. Lamela was the savior in the opening match against Everton at Goodison Park to begin this season. Lamela contributed two assists during his three appearances for Tottenham in their disappointing Champions League campaign. So why will he not be sold? Consistent performances.

Why Spurs WILL sell Lamela:

Erik Lamela is the subject of many transfer rumors from clubs AS Roma and River Plate, the club where Lamela began his career. The whole team has been clicking on all cylinders, so it really makes you question, “If Lamela was healthy, would he even play the rest of the season?” The answer would have to be no. Tottenham is in a huge fight to finish in the top-four, or even do the near impossible, and take title from Chelsea. A disappointing season that is plagued by an injury, but still drawing interest from clubs is very intriguing. That means you can get rid of a player who really has not done much this season and make a nice amount of money to go after an even better player.

Lamela has always been a consistent player on the pitch and a fan favorite. If Lamela were to go, it would probably have to be for a very large amount. In my opinion, Spurs would love to have Lamela, but do not 100 percent need Lamela based solely off the team’s performance this season. Will the Argentine International be in North London next year? Yes.