Tobias Figueiredo – What you need to know about Nottingham Forest’s new signing!

As a Portuguese and big Sporting (Lisbon) fan I have been aware of Tobias for a few years now. Highly regarded at our academy, in fact many believed he would become the next best Portuguese centre-back. Things did not seem to go well for him as he has struggled to find a team at a high enough level that he is able to develop and match his true potential. He has only played his professional football across in the Iberian Peninsula, with one loan spell at Reus in Spain with the rest of his seasons being played in Portugal’s top and second division.


At 6ft2 whilst not being the tallest he is very dominant in the air . On the floor he enters tackles with a lot of determination and more often than not does win the ball. Aggressive on one on one duels make him a constant pain for any striker playing against him. This sort of aggressive will definitely be more suited for the English game rather than the football being played in Portugal.

Another one of his underrated qualities is his leadership, being captain for Sporting at some games despite only being 23 is definitely something to be proud. Furthermore, it indicates how is strong mentally enough to embrace that role despite not always playing for Sporting.


Without a shadow of a doubt his worst problem is his discipline regarding the manner he approaches tackles. He has never been a bad kid on or off the football pitch but has a total of 26 yellow cards and 7 reds in his just over 100 football senior appearances. This is an area which he massively needs to improve to become a more solid defender. The English game will definitely allow him to use his physicality more and get punished less.

Another area of his game that needs improvement is his composure. Sometimes he takes too long on the ball and that means he does get caught on the ball or gives away a sloppy pass. The other side of the coin is that he sometimes rushes simply giving a bad pass. This aspect of his game shows how he still has a lot to learn and with game time will become less erratic.


Not being able to consider myself an expert on the English Championship, I  do keep up to date with it. Seeing a lot of players that whilst not being awful in the Portuguese league were not superstars and now have become some of the better players in that league does give Tobias hope. This deal is good for him for sure, hopefully he takes this chance to fully establish himself in a good team in a very competitive environment.

Boa Sorte, Tobias.