Those were the days my friend…

So we’re getting nearer to the installing of “The Young people’s area” (didn’t want to say men/women in this day of gender neutrality) in a selected section of the ground. A section where youth can congregate, sing, shout & do everything that you should be able to do, while supporting our team.

I fully agree with this “singing section” many years ago it was called “The Kop” sometimes helped along by “The Annie Road” (did you know the song “Kopites are gobshites” originated from the dark corners of “The Road End” #Fact). The Kop was the place to stand if you wanted to sing shout and ENCOURAGE the players to give that extra 10%. (Hate that saying, I always thought 100% was tops, but now players are able to give 110%, how times have changed). Back in the day as a kid progression to “The Kop” was as follows. The Paddock, in the front on a crate. Paddock on a crash barrier. The Kop…. I sort of remember the first couple of games I went to. I spent more time standing there looking at the Kop, in full voice, crashing forwards, then side to side until everyone seemed to be exactly where they where before. (For those of you who have never seen it live, imagine the waves crashing in at the seaside and then gently moving back to join the bigger body of the ocean.)

I remember telling my father that I’d be in there soon. (The Kop). Did I mention “kids pen”. That’s where you went to be baptised into the Cathedral that was “The Kop”. The kiddies pen was a section in top left hand side of the Kop. From the kiddies pen for myself as quickly as you could, (being a genuine fully fledged “wool” it wasn’t an experience I enjoyed TBH.) you would then move on to the big boys play ground that was “The Kop”. Back then gates were opened around 1pm, you’d go in (the middle, in front of a crash barrier) that’s when you’d start to hear the new songs start up, you listened, you learned and then joined in. You’d know when the kop gates were closed because lads would run across from the Anfield road end to the kop. (You could pay on the gate, so if gates were closed you went to next section that was open paid in stayed there, or ran across to the Kop). By 2.45 the Kop would be bouncing, singing, and hundreds of toilet rolls would have been thrown onto the goal net (I still can’t figure out why this was done?) The players would run on to the pitch and EVERY players name would be sung in admiration of the men in red. 2.55pm You’ll never walk Alone would be blasted out by the Kop.

Then the secondary event of the day would occur, the match. So that’s how it was, will it ever be replicated? Will the “singing section” happen? I do hope that the powers that be do realize that this is a must have, for the club. Also that the youth they crave to get into the ground do not only live in the Liverpool post code area, because it’s not only scousers who like to sing, shout & generate atmosphere. The odd wool may also like to enjoy the experience. So I as an older fan, I would love to see any section of Anfield, make the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end, and have goosebumps, just seeing this happen would be brilliant, wouldn’t it.



Tippysr. 😉