This Seasons Manchester City Side is The Best To Ever Play In The Premier League.

This is coming from a Chelsea fan who has been blown away with the quality Manchester City have possessed this season. Many people overlook them for a few reasons. One is that they have not gone unbeaten and Arsenal did with their invincibles.

Throughout that season Arsenal only managed 26 wins and City have 28 with 5 games remaining. Another reason is that they have been lacking in the UCL. I agree they are not the best team ever but the best Premier League team without a doubt. The fact that Fabian Delph, an average-at-best midfielder has been turned into a high quality left back by the tactical genius of Pep Guardiola is an achievement in itself.

Raheem Sterling has had his best season ever, smashing his goal scoring records and this is again no doubt heavily influenced by the tactical decisions made by Pep Guardiola. Kevin De Bruyne has been simply fantastic this season and I don’t see how anyone can overlook this side.

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