They left us for dead, send the 'Top Six' to the bottom of the pyramid they tried to abandon

They left us for dead, send the 'Top Six' to the bottom of the pyramid they tried to abandon

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This certainly won't be the last piece you see on the European Super League, it has of course dominated the news which is no surprise. The European Super League is arguably the biggest crime in English footballing history and are a few days that simply can't be forgotten. Yet despite the 'Top 6' changing their minds after trying to throw English football under a bus, whatever hope was left in football will be long gone if serious reform isn't made as a consequence.

Football prior to this scandal was at an all time low unless you're happy to delude yourself with the drama that football throws, overriding the reality. That reality stares us in the face regularly, whether that be the Qatar World Cup presented by FIFA, UEFA's tragic crackdown on racism or a regular match in the Premier League where we see laughable implementation of technology and a make it up as you go along approach by what is meant to be the best league in the world.

It was inevitable that a super league was coming due to the path modern football was taking but I was still amazed when the day did arrive. Hundreds of years of history were ready to be thrown away for pure greed and the English footballing pyramid abandoned without any consultation. Yet despite this I felt pleased, pleased that the greatest sport in the world had a chance to live again whether that be with or without the 'top 6'. The competition would've been there for the plastic fans around the world but it would've been redundant and pointless to anyone with an understanding of what it means to be a football fan. I hoped that this could be the catalyst for English football to learn and so I could enjoy the game as well as my club again.

Now with the 'top 6' ready to step back into English football obvious steps must be taken to prevent these things happening again. German football has shown the way with it's 50+1 model which has the fans at the very core of the club. English football now has no option but to follow this path, whether that be gradual the intentions must be crystal clear by the authorities.

The ownerships allowed in by the Premier League and EFL have been incredibly detrimental to English football with clubs like Bury, Wigan, Macclesfield all paying the consequences in just a matter of months. With what 'the top 6' ownerships have done, they deserve the punishment fitting the crime. We cannot forget they were ready to put all clubs in severe turmoil and I think they should start at the bottom of the pyramid that they temporarily abandoned. These clubs will return one day unlike Bury who no one came to save, they deserve the ultimate punishments which will really hit their owners hardest.

The reality is I know what football is like, I know that they avoid the repercussions they deserve. They will be treated in the same way that gave them the belief they were too good for the rest of us and that for me is demoralising. We have already seen with UEFA's plans to reform the Champions League that the interest in fairness and competition is far down the pecking order. If they do not make the changes required then simply what is the point at taking part at the highest level? As a Watford fan what is the point in trying to see my club play in such an illegitimate competition? Having reflected on the chances of a fair punishment, at this stage I wish that the European Super League was going ahead as planned. English football may well have taken a battering financially but it would've surely forced a reform and a more competitive product in the process. If we don't see change, my passion will feel vacant, just hanging on through the passion of my own club and nothing more. As Gary Neville has stated, enough is enough.

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