The Struggle on Teeside

The Struggle on Teeside

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Middlesbrough FC now find themselves in the Premier Leagues bottom 3 and this is down to a severe lack of confidence in front of goal. 

Manager Karanka decided to sign Rudy Gestede from Aston Villa, who let's be honest did not set the world on fire down there. He can be a useful target man but is this not why Alvaro Negredo is around the first team. Negredo is very much a confidence player who has proven goal-scoring ability wherever he has played and who can be very dangerous when the mood suits. The sale of Jordan Rhodes to Sheffield Wednesday was some what of a shock and was also a proven scorer but it went horribly wrong at the Boro and he barely featured in the managers plans.

Karanka is hanging onto his job by the skin of his teeth at this point and manager Steve Gibson always backs his managers but is it time for Karanka to step down to try and salvage the clubs Premier League status? Is Gibson to loyal to the man who got Boro back to the top table of English football? Don't get me wrong I like Karanka and I like how organised he had Boro in the club's promotion season but the sale of key men like Adomah and Rhodes to name a few who helped get the club promoted, were they given a fair crack at the whip?

Boro have some very talented footballers don't get me wrong, I like Ramirez, Ben Gibson, George Friend to name a few but Adomah was a winger who could provide a decent delivery in to the area but in Traore who is exceptional at times with his pace and trickery but has no delivery and the front men are obviously starved of service but this is a team responsibility and can't blame it on a few you win together and you lose together, so how can Karanka save Boro's season? Sadly I feel this may be a task too much and it's a shame as Boro have been the best side in the Championship for many years and deserve to be in the Premier League but on current form the only way is down.

So who and what is to blame? Obviously goals win you games but can we question Karanka's tactics or players needing to accept the blame and get the club out of the current situation they find themselves in? One thing I do know for sure the supporters deserve better, the supporters who have stuck by the team when in the Championship and the off field problems they have had at times over the last few seasons. The latest defeat coming at Stoke City where again they struggled to break down the opposition and the manager after the game admitted the club is in a relegation battle this has been the case for the last few weeks in my opinion, could it be a simple motivation problem and the Gaffer just can't get the best out of the team anymore?

A lifeless performance at Stoke on Saturday has given Karanka and the club owner plenty food for thought especially how he replaced a midfielder with a midfielder on Saturday when Negredo would have been the positive attacking change needed to pressure Stoke, I just feel Boro don't pressure the opposition enough and have run out ideas in games and certainly don't move the ball forward as they should. Lets make no mistake, Boro are fighting for survival and on current form I can't see them getting out of it which is a shame but I have to be honest and this is my opinion. A change for me is needed sooner rather than later before it's too late and the club are relegated as they have battled over numerous years to get back where many Boro fans believe they belong, things need to improve and quickly.

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