The Return

The Return

Last update: 27 June 2019 Tags: Derby County, Frank Lampard, English Premier League, Chelsea FC. Categories: Champions League.

Frank Lampard is returning. It's now a matter of when and not if. The division among the fan-base is evident and there are many reasons for it. But let us not talk about that.

Frank f****** Lampard! The name itself is like a drug to a Chelsea fan. A leader. Chelsea's record goal scorer. Arguably the greatest ever Chelsea player. Maybe even England's greatest ever midfielder. A legend, more like the legend. Super Frank. A member of the old guard. A figure that shone during the clubs most successful period capped off by captaining the team during its greatest night, the Champions League final. A name that is always greeted with love and affection.

Success is secondary with the appointment of Lampard, at least during his first season. The executives at work for Chelsea do not want to hear audible negativity around Stamford Bridge and with the appointment of Lampard, they are making sure. The feel good factor will be back. The bridge will be buzzing. Super Frank the chant will be heard around the SW6 for a knight is returning. The fans know what he has given for the club, blood , sweat and tear. In return, he has been made a God.

The jeers targeted towards Sarri will no longer be heard. The Italian parted ways for a ship with more wind in its sail while the Englishman is expected to create a titan. The arrival of another legend, Cech, will definitely help.

His task will be difficult. The clubs gem has left after shining for 7 years while the ban restricts Lampard's access to the market. The odds are against Chelsea. One can say that the clubs status as a serious domestic and continental contender is exaggerated thus creating the perfect environment for Lampard. Another reason for fans to look forward to Lampard's first season is the return of a certain anthem, the Champions League's one.

Lampard's appointment may turn out either way, but boy is it exciting!

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