The passion of football

The passion of football

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Once you start following football, supporting the club of your choice and following every small thing of it. Your teams win makes your day or if they lose you feel irritated as hell. Your team scoring the injury time goal and winning the match can bring you to tears. It will become part of your life. Nothing would make you happier than watching your favourite team playing and then it will get into your veins, it will run in your blood, the whole day you can talk about it, think about it. Intense moments in games will make you heart thump out of your Chest. It will start as a game, then it will become your passion, then your obsession, your tradition, then your religion and then your whole life revolves around it.

So fans are in a position where my sense of identity, the mood of my family and my entire extended circle of friends, is defined by whether or not my club wins on Saturday. So you're passionate about how they do - my whole sense of personal well-being depends on it.

A passionate football fan can stand out from the crowd supporting any team. Whether your club has been passed down from your father, your grandfather or even greater distant generations, or whether you went against family traditions when selecting your club, you can have a great desire for your team. Most of us develop a love of football from a young age, and in the early days we select our favourite team. Whether that’s through our family or not. At an early age this teaches us loyalty.

Not every one of us is as passionate as the other. The game has its social fans too; those who support a certain team out of convenience – perhaps they tag along with friends to the local game, want to fit in with the group, or support the team because it’s a popular thing to do in your crowd. Regardless of how you selected your team, they remain in your heart for the rest of your life. They also play a massive role in your life on the football field. Teams and players thrive off the audience’s involvement. The more you love your team, the greater the thrill it is to see them win. And likewise, the greater the disappointment when they lose.

There are three main ways to decipher the level of passion...

Pre and post-match rituals

Pre-match and post-match rituals are another important part of becoming part of the family. From meeting up with other dedicated fans before and after the game, or orchestrating a large flag inside the stadium. You may even wear the same ‘lucky’ shirt during a winning streak, or follow the same routine to every home game. Rehearsed songs that generate the emotionally-charged atmosphere in football is unparalleled in any other sport. To be amongst this as a football fan is a great feeling that should be truly savoured.


It’s one thing to know the history and the fixture list of the club, but this counts for nothing if you’re not there in attendance. The most important rule to becoming a passionate football fan is to attend all the games. Home and away. Pre-season friendlies too. Nothing beats the atmosphere inside a football stadium. Great fans make a lot of noise in both triumph and disaster – don’t be afraid to keep chanting even when your team is 3-0 down. The atmosphere is all part of being a football fan and what makes the game that extra little bit special.


To be a passionate football fan it requires living the inexperience. It’s not just about being a spectator but to be a participant. Not only will you want to attend every game, but you need to engage emotionally in the team. This can be done by attending away games, trying to out-sing the greater home support, attending them through rain or shine whether your team is doing well or not. Even myself have a Stevenage based twitter account.

It is more than just enthusiasm or excitement, passion is ambition that is materialised into action to put as much heart, mind body and soul into something. Some people become so passionate about something that it consumes them and forms a second life of its own.

It’s not just a kit: It’s our skin

It’s not just a stadium: It’s our home

It’s not just eleven: We are thousands

It’s not just 90 mins: It’s a lifetime

It’s not just a Passion: It’s an emotion

It’s not just a Audience: It’s our family

It’s not just a Game: It is football

It’s not just Football: It’s our life

If you don’t understand that, don’t bother

This is true football fandom.

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