The most painful cliches in football!

The most painful cliches in football!

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The scrutiny of football fans has never been higher. The modern game involving social media and everyone having their say on platforms like this means that anything a manager says is dicected and analysed. Therefore cliches are prominant as no footballer or manager alike wants to put their opinion on the line at the risk of being ridiculed. From this I look at some of the most generic cliches about and why they are a load of rubbish!

  1. ''We'll learn our lessons''

After a team suffers a defeat, it is only natural to reflect to on the positives and negatives in order to take them into the next game. But how often do we hear players talk about the need to learn the lessons from the match and take them into the next game? The lessons in reality should've been learnt on the training field prior to the match and more often than not this excuse is not even followed through, if a team is bad at defending set pieces for example then the chances are they'll typically go and concede from a corner in the next game...

2. ''We're a work in progress''

Every club embarks on a long adventure during a number of months meaning the start of the season is not neccassarily pivotal, it's how you finish but despite this, false hope can be offered when starting sluggishly. A new look side with new signings often get let off the hook when it comes to getting out of the blocks. Of course any side can pick up form as they go on but pre-season should mean there are zero excuses when the first ball of the camaign is kicked.

3. ''They even themselves out''

Refereeing decisions. If you've seen plenty of football this season particuarly in English football then you'll know how much of an impact the man in the middle can have on a result. A regular phrase used by pundits is that these key decisions will even themself out over the course of the season. There may be an element of having good and bad days when it comes to this but overall they generally won't even themself out. In my opinion you can often get clubs on the receiving end of more favourable decisions, whether by chance or not they are certainly not evenly distributed and there is no doubt influence can be had on a referee.

4. Character

Brendan Rodgers favourite reference. There's no doubt team spirit and pure determination is massive in not only football but sport as a whole. But sheer will power does not make comebacks happen or win you games over a season. Despite this the character of a side will nearly always be referenced when a side is successful rather than contributing wins to the tactical or techincal parts of the game which are far more important. Alternatively losses of form or letting leads slip, teams will be accused of a lack of character. We all know how important confidence is to players but accusing players or teams of not caring can be deceptive and is a lazy excuse for a sides short comings.

5. A bright future

The English media love to romanticise a story and we as fans love to get behind a young player with extreme potential. However so many young talents fall short of the expectations which could be to do with the greater expectations, restricted development or simply that their purple patch of form was unrepresentative of their actual ability. Any young player who embarks on a promosing spell will always be tipped for big things and often get the benefit of the doubt from the fans as well being judged with their age in mind, not actually what they produce on the pitch in comparison to their senior professionals. The future is so unpreditactable and for many, not so bright.

What cliches would you add to this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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