The Magic Of The FA Cup! Has it gone?

With the second round of the FA Cup finished, it has got me thinking, is everyone still in love and is the magic of the FA Cup still there?

Whilst I was at the County Ground for the first round of the cup even though Swindon Town FC had closed a few sections of the ground off there was loads of empty seats and even York didn’t bring as many fans as I thought they would even though it is a long journey where they were the underdogs. I thought they would sell out but fair play to them for bringing quite a few.

For me the FA Cup is the most prestigious cup going but with dwindling attendances at all FA Cup matches unless you get a big club or you get to the quarter finals, semi finals or even better the final then everyone goes to the matches, so is the love for the FA Cup going? In not so many words, yes. How can we make people fall in love with the FA Cup again? With the certain matches being live on the BBC and BT Sport why would you pay a tenner to go and watch the match? I for one think that if you are a loyal supporter of your football club even if it’s on tv you should go and support the club.

Secondly, I think that clubs should advertise the matches more so try and get more fans into the ground, I know it dosen’t help with clubs that have bad owners like Swindon but that is just a can of more worms as the saying goes.

Thirdly, what can us the fans that go do to get the attendance up? We could introduce a fan that has never been to your local club and even more so just take as many friends to the match as you can.

Maybe if we all did our bit not just the broadcasters and the club but us yes us the fans did our bit as well then maybe we might be able to get the magic of the FA Cup back.

What do you make of these thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!