The league of little integrity! Project Restart

The league of little integrity! Project Restart

Last update: 5 June 2020 Tags: Coronavirus, Project Restart. Categories: Premier League, Featured.

The Premier League is continuing where it left off. A league of elite riches leaving us all short changed on the quality of its product but unlike your average supermarket or favourite retailer, we won't be leaving in a hurry, because we as football fans simply love the game and our respective clubs, no matter how amateur it gets.

The decision to restart the league was a no brainer for the integrity of the competition. Despite the pandemic of Covid 19 naturally making this seem like the most irrelevant campaign thus far, it is the decisions within the leagues control that are contributing towards an organisation more worthy of Sunday League than Premier League.

2019/20 season before Covid-19 

With transfer fees becoming more mouth watering as each season passes, the money in the game is frightening and as a result you would expect the Premier League to be a shining light among its competitors. The introduction of VAR was undoubtedly a huge moment in both the league and the games history. With it splitting the nation before a ball was kicked it was crucial they got this right. Many talked about a 'teething stage' with errors likely to occur but in my opinion this is not acceptable for a league where both success and millions are at stake. I think a small margin for error would be tolerable due to the complications involved but this could not afford to be an experiment where games are badly impacted. And I think that is exactly what has happened, the integrity of the league has been bordering on scandalous at times this season.

We have seen goals scored despite it hitting a hand in the build up and there being no review made, blatant penalties not backed up by both the on field referee and VAR and painful inconsistencies with numerous offside calls. It has also appeared that the stance on decision making has changed during periods of the calendar and this is unacceptable to apply rules to one set of games and not another.


The matchday experience for fans has been uncomfortable and infuriating to say the least. I think whether your team are on the right or wrong end of a VAR review, fans could agree it's been somewhat of a circus. I think even if you're for or against the use of technology there would be less fury if even some really simple decisions were made correctly. Some of the calls have been inexcusable and have decided the fate of too many matches. As the season has progressed VAR has dominated the weekends headlines and talking points so perhaps the break in play has allowed fans to forget what a complete joke this season has been prior to the break.

2019/20 season to be continued...

With play set to resume on 17th June, the integrity of the league takes an even bigger hit without the most important factor, the fans. While the league does need to reach its completion, the significance appears small when considering the bigger picture which is that of the terrible circumstances surrounding it.

It is clear that the Premier League have been desperate to resume play at the earliest opportunity, while it is not new news that this is money driven, it just appears like they can make it up as they go along and get away with it and that's simply because they can. New rules are being implemented to the resumption of play, with 5 substitutes now allowed the most striking. I simply fail to see how there is any legitimacy attached to this competition this season, I don't see any need for these new rules to be implemented and if the reason is safety concerns then the resumption of play needs to be reviewed.

It will be an incredibly hard pill to swallow for the 3 clubs that are relegated this season. While it is true that these clubs no doubt belong near the foot of the table, this has been a term full of decisions that lack authority and credibility. No teams deserve to be punished as a result of this level of incompetence and inconsistency. The circus may be about to live on, and it's still the same clowns that always win.

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