The Best Player In The World Award Goes To…The Second Best Player

I’ll keep this shorter than my previous post back in December 2016 where I described Cristiano Ronaldo winning the ballon d’or as embarrassing. Many of those same thoughts apply this time where the Portuguse forward has now also been crowned the best male player of 2017.

I reiterate that the name of the award speaks for itself, the best player of 2017. Of course it’s been another astonishing year for Ronaldo and in particular his Real Madrid side who are without doubt the dominant force in Europe. Los Blancos won the Champions League and La Liga, a formidable haul of trophies has followed Zinedine Zidane since he took over as Real Madrid boss and Ronaldo has of course been phenomenal, he always finds the net and has become the world’s most potent goalscorer, some would even argue of all time.

Yet despite this even Ronaldo’s greatest strength is out-powered by the greatest player on the planet, Lionel Messi. Ronaldo’s game is very much hinged on statistics so lets look at the comparison from all competitions.


Ronaldo – 32 goals – 6 assists – 44 chances created

Messi – 45 goals – 11 assists – 96 chances created


So despite being in a Barcelona side that struggles to keep up with their fierce rivals as of late, it’s simple. Messi still remains the greatest player on the planet. However not much significance can clearly be placed on this award, with biased and clueless voting awarded by the captain, manager and media from each nation making up the votes. What is most worrying is that our own national manager, Gareth Southgate failed to put Messi in his top 3 nominees, to say my confidence going into the World Cup is shot, would be an understatement.

It didn’t end there, Chris Coleman didn’t vote for neither Ronaldo nor Messi in his vote, the list of offenders goes on bizarrely.

So while it’s clear to see this award is a bit of a shambles, the saddest part of it all is that the world of football is still struggling to appreciate the genius of the little Argentinean.

Is Ronaldo the deserved winner? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!