Team Needs Summer 2021 - Burnley

Team Needs Summer 2021 - Burnley

Last update: 20 May 2021 Tags: Burnley, Sean Dyche. Categories: Premier League, Featured.

Events this summer if not executed correctly will cost them their Premier League status by this time next year. Sean Dyche is constantly linked with other clubs, if he was to make the move away then his replacement will be left with a squad embedded in his style of play. Rebuilding will not be cheap and despite recently being taken over with a promise of transfer funds, the cash has not splashed, are their significant funds? If Dyche does stay the squad is ageing and many with contracts expiring within 2 years, again a rebuild will need to occur.

Whoever is in charge needs to be supported fully by the board once recruitment decisions have been made. If a mix of youth is to challenge around the squad and experienced PL players can be brought in, even if they struggle or go down, they will be well equipped to challenge back for promotion instantly. Removing the manager during the season when he has been involved acquiring new players is counter productive. They’ve never been a club in that mould so do not start now.
If Dyche is in charge incoming players will need basic footballing traits

  1. Strong

  2. Physical

  3. Competent on the ball

  4. Disciplined

This is why so many of the current squad are now ageing, pinpointing all these skill sets usually leads you to players over the age of 24. You could accuse Dyche of running a football version of Groundhog Day, you can’t prepare for the next day so make the most of the one you are in e.g keeping The Clarets in the league is enough whilst never trying to make a step up to the next tier. It would be more likely if Dyche tried to raid WBA for a player it would be Hal Robson Kanu rather than Pereria who has been a star. Wide flair players are not entertained by Sean Dyche but a strong striker is!

Key spots within the squad which will need to be looked at first will be right back and creative midfield. Both right backs Lowton and  Bardsley have contracts expiring this summer, I expect one to stay but cover will be needed. Brady and Gudmundsson will also be leaving next month if no new contract is offered, due to injuries I would say they are both let go. It’s very realistic to believe no fees will be paid for new recruits, the pro football bargain bin will be raided.

Mee, Tarkowski, Barnes, Rodriguez & Vydra all are approaching their final contract year. Tarkowski would most likely be moved on for a fee this summer, Mee surely will be given a new deal but the strikers will not be given contracts. You would think due to the importance of a teams spine transfer funds will be made available for these positions. Chambers (Arsenal) could be a target, if he stays fit you would say he is a upgrade on either current CB but any of the defenders from the relegated sides would be considered at the right price especially the Sheffield Utd combo of O’Connell & Egan.

As a outsider looking in the best course of events would be Dyche is poached by another team and the club can adjust its playing staff with a new vigour under the vision of new management, giving the fans a new optimism. People will mention Charlton Athletic when Curbishley left but if the new owners want to create their own footprint that is their chance while not being the people who removed their current long serving manager. Bringing in a DOF for recruitment along with a young coach to run the 1st team will give the club a modern, new age feel and look.
Failure is a possibility but the prospect of building a new squad and improving to the next tier surely is advantageous?