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Aaron Wan-Bissaka

Is a professional footballer who plays as a right-back for Premier League club Manchester United. Wan-Bissaka began his career with Crystal Palace and was named as the club’s Player of the Year for the 2018–19 season. He sealed a move to Manchester United in June 2019

Age: 22

Position: Right Back (Defender)

Club: Manchester United

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Statistically, his defensive sense is absolutely incredible, the amount of interceptions and tackles he made since making his entry to the Premier League is remarkable. He is forever reliable in his defensive duties and not to speak of his constant threats when in offensive mode. “Quick on his feet”

It’s something that you could class as pretty darn imperative when defending is concerned, He has become an integral part of his currents team defensive structure and any team in the EPL would consider themselves lucky to have him in the dressing room. No defender in the entire EPL has recorded more tackles than him

The 22-year-old full-back was mightily impressive for Palace last season and it is no surprise that United was so determined to sign him up. (40 appearances, 5 yellow cards, and 1red card)

Wan-Bissaka put in a virtuoso performance against AC Milan to prove that he really is the business. Absolutely nothing got by the full-back who read the game supremely well and showed some incredible pace to catch up with play.

Bombing up and down the flank and stopping every opposition attack in its tracks, that is looking like a very real possibility.

Style Of Play

He may have started his soccer life as a winger, something that is very common with many best full-backs in the game at present (Jordi Alba, Dani Alves, Danny Rose, Alexandra Trent-Arnold) but his taste for tackling, intercepting has been marvellous ever since he was asked to fill in the right-back position for Palace’s first-team training session, back in 2016 and this left Wilfried Zaha howling in frustration as he thwarted his efforts to get past him

This year he is going to ground less often, and his improved positioning coupled with the immense timing of his tackling has made him one of the most formidable full-backs not just in the Premier League, but across Europe. He has made more successful tackles – where possession of the ball is regained or the ball goes out of play – than any other player in the top five European leagues this season, with 71. Every other player who ranks anywhere near him is a central midfielder, with his closest-challenging full-back Leicester’s Ricardo Pereira.

Career Info

Wan-Bissaka joined Palace as an 11-year-old, originally as a winger and in some cases as a striker, he featured in the role all the way up till under 23’s

While playing for the youth team, the striker was asked to take part in a first-team training session to make up the numbers during the middle of the 2016/17 season. With the club boasting a host of strikers at the time, Wan-Bissaka was asked to fill in at right-back, presented with the intimidating prospect of marking ​Wilfried Zaha.

It was at that moment the club unearthed a new exciting talent and thereafter the youngest was taking double training sessions with under-23 coach Richard Shaw and his assistant coach Dave Reddington was working on converting the winger into a defender

On the 2017 pre-season tour, Wan-Bissaka began to feature with the Palace first team under new manager Frank de Boer, playing in a number of friendlies. The Dutchman played a formation with wing-backs, and this new role emphasized Wan-Bissaka’s defensive capabilities, eventually leading to him moving from a winger to a full-back

Fast-Forward Wasn-Bissaka is now the most sought-after young players in English Football. He has the kind of vital statistics that makes football’s data analysts drool

Did You Know

Aaron Wan-Bissaka started as a Forward (Winger) when he came through the Palace Youth Ranks.

“AARON WAN-BISSAKA’s arrival at Manchester United has been what the Red Devils needed”

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