Serie A

Romelu Lukaku: The New King of Milan?

Inter Milan have stormed into a four point lead at the top of Serie A as Romelu Lukaku continues to be the catalyst for Antonio Conte’s men, and with his side handing out a demolition derby…

“The Glory Days Are Back” At Inter Milan

Men are born for games. Nothing else. Every child knows that play is nobler than work. He knows too that the worth or merit of a game in not inherent in the game itself but rather in value of that which is put at hazard. Games of chance require a wager to have meaning at all. Games of sport involve the skill and strength of the opponents and the humiliation of defeat and the pride of victory are in themselves sufficient stake because they inhere in the worth of the principals and define them. But trial of chance or trial of worth all games aspire to the condition of war for here that which is wagered swallows up game, player, all.