What to expect when England play Germany

The European Championships this summer have been excellent, in my opinion. The tournament has reignited a love football. I thought I’d lost after the European Super League fiasco a month back. It’s about to get…

Is Southgate the man for the Job?

The postponed European Championships take place later this year and England have many exciting prospects available for selection for the 23-man squad, from manager Gareth Southgate. From an attacking perspective the options are endless, with…

The culture of English football hooliganism

English football hooligans, potentially the most hated yet misunderstood group of people on the entire planet. Whether it be an international or club tournament, you can be sure that any fixture with an English team will bring some sort of hooliganism, yet…

The English Football League is proposing big changes to clubs' finances

EFL salary proposals would make some playing fields more even than others

The EFL is poised to impose a wage cap on clubs competing in the third and fourth tiers, possibly starting as early as next season, to ‘level the playing field’. This aims to stop owners achieving promotion by simply outspending their rivals. While making things fairer is an admirable sentiment, a closer look at the proposals make it clear that they would do the opposite.