Is Supporting More Than One Team A Bad Thing?

Is Supporting More Than One Team A Bad Thing?

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Written by Danny Ion

One big question that folks get asked nowadays; 'Which football team do you support?'

Man United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea all get the most votes and quite rightly so because they are the Premier League Clubs with the most history.

When people start answering with teams such as; Accrington, Wycombe, Exeter, Leyton Orient (no disrespect by the way), they will sometimes get asked 'Do you have a Premier League team?'. Some will say no, some will say yes.

My point is this. Most of the time, there is always a good reason for supporting more than one team or 'looking out' for another team as some people do define it as. It might be because that person has lived in one town, then moved to another, because of family reasons or just couldn't decide on one team & many more reasons too. Take me for example, I have had a season ticket at my beloved Watford since I was 6 years old, almost 18 years ago. But I was born & have lived in Northampton all my life & I am proud of this too as there are very few fellow Hornets in Northampton so people always know me as 'The Watford fan'. For those wondering, I support Watford due to the majority of my Dad's family including him, being born in the town. Whenever Watford aren't playing, I will always try to get to Sixfields and watch Northampton play. Why? I feel it would be kind of wrong to not have some sort of respect and support for the town where I have spent my entire life in. So I 'look out' for Northampton & their results. I always have, I always will. Watford is my number one though and always will be. Everyone that knows me, knows this.

All the Northampton fans that I know, they all have a Premier League team which they support, which is fine as it's their own choice. Northampton & Man United, Northampton & Chelsea, Northampton & Arsenal, Northampton & Liverpool. I always ask them Why?. They say, 'Northampton is my local team, Man United for example are a big club'. If it was supporting Man United & Chelsea, then this would be quite 'strange' to say the least.

It is not a crime to support more than one team, but most people think it is.

Respect people's views. It doesn't concern you. You can't change who they support & they remember they will always have reasons to support more than one team. If you support just one team, then that's your choice. If somebody else supports more than one team, then that is their choice.

We will all forever have one thing in common though, our love for Football - The beautiful game, it will never go away.

Do you support more than one team? Is supporting more than one team wrong? Let us know in the comments below!

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