Summer Needs 2021 - Leeds United

Summer Needs 2021 - Leeds United

Last update: 8 June 2021 Tags: Leeds United. Categories: Premier League.

Last season could not have gone any better for Leeds, staying up was the priority and it was achieved at a canter. 9th place will be hard to better next season but consolidating that position surely is achievable.

In theory Bielsa could be leaving the club at the end of this month as his current contract expires on the 30th. In reality he has been signing short term deals since he first joined. The success of the club over the last few years has been purely down to the players buying into the managers vision, style and culture. If Bielsa was to leave it would create question marks over the survival chances for Leeds in the Premier League. It will be interesting to find out if the senior decision makers have a back up plan? Maybe Marcelos interpreter is being lined up, reminiscent of Mourinho and Robson?

The evolution of the Leeds team will be integrating new talent to the system, players who buy in of course but technically and attributable next level. Being overseen by Bielsa this will enable the club to eventually move on from him as the quality of the squad will be enhanced. Currently who has turned the squad into a top10 side using Championship players, it’s like he is the modern day Hannibal ala The A Team.  Trying to speculate on incoming transfers for Leeds is like trying to predict lottery numbers, but it is clear upgrades all over the pitch would be considered.

Funds permitting I look at players like Julien Draxler, Danny Ings, Divock Origi, Phillip Billing and Ainsley Maitland Niles who would be great additions. They are reminiscent of players already playing at Elland Road but the next level. In all likelihood they will be looking at unpolished gems all over the world.
Making sure Jack Harrison joins permanently will be a great start, it’s obvious he has no future at Man City and the deal price lined up is a steal for a man (£15m) who is being viewed as a potential England player next season. Other wingers have been linked but keeping a man who knows the system for a reasonable price should not be ignored.
Due to the team disposition barely any of the players offer a massive sell on value if the club wanted to cash in on talent to bring in new ones. Bamford or Phillips for instance represent a greater need to the team than any fee which could be achieved. Raphinha at a push is the one they could cash in on but again his value to the team is greater than a fee of £50m+.
I would expect transfer business at Elland Road to be completed by Euro 2021 is finished, they are not recruiters who will be influenced by performance at a summer tournament, their needs are being worked on as we speak. As fans flock back into stadiums next season The Whites will be must see but most so for the home fans who’ve waited so long for Premier League football.