Why You Should Start Watching The National League

Written by Jacob Welch

When you think of entertaining, fast paced, attacking football the last thing you probably think of is the National League, yet is it all that too different to the glitz and glamour of the Premier League. Well some would say it is, some would say not so much so but  One thing that is clear is that the National League it’s far more competitive then ever has been. With all the money being splashed around in football nowadays it is refreshing to see good football at better prices then that of the premier league. For instance this weekend I watched my team, Aldershot Town, play a lively game of entertaining football against Southport. There was the skills, saves and splendid passing of the premier league but at a fraction of the price. They game was a 2-1 win for Aldershot who dominated for most of the game with an attacking momentum which was reminiscent of the Dutch National team of the 90s.  For the price paid the entertainment on offer was absolutely superb and one has to think  to themselves, is it really worth the hassle and expense of going to watch a match where you don’t know any of the players, staff or the manager or would you rather go down to your local club where the players,  staff and the manager interact with all the fans.  Overall the National League is, as aforementioned, highly competitive and highly entertaining league full of local teams so why not instead of sitting on the sofa and watching Manchester United play against Manchester City or other big-name teams in the Premier League,  go down to your local team have a drink on the terraces, make a few mates and watch some good “proper” football in the process.

Have you watched a National League game? What level of football do you prefer to watch? Let us know in the comments below!