Southend United Ratings vs Fleetwood Town

Southend United Ratings vs Fleetwood Town

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Written by Sam Bayda

Southend United 0- 2 Fleetwood Town

This was arguably one of the worst performances from Southend in a very, very long time. The players looked like they had no energy and they certainly didn't look like they wanted to win. Has Phil Brown lost the dressing room? Our captain took no notice of Phil's hand going out to shake his at the end of the match and the fans are certainly wanting Brown out.
Whenever the team got  beyond the half way line we looked clueless, we didn't know what to do from there so we just passed it back to our defenders. In the 80th minute we were losing and still playing a 4-5-1 formation and we looked like we had accepted defeat.


Player ratings:

Mark Oxley- 5 - He could of done better with both goals, maybe kept them out. But you have to put it down to defenders who let the attackers come forward and gave them space to shoot.

Jason Demetriou- 7 - The only player on the field who looked like he could make something happen, also put in a lot of tackles and kept his intensity up.

Adam Thompson- 4 - Long hopeful ball up to the front man who is 5 inches shorter than the defence, and was lazy for the first goal.

Adam Barrett- 6 - Adam is always solid, but he has a serious lack of pace and I feel the attackers knew this, they pulled him out of place a few times and it was evident Fleetwood had a good set of tactics leading into this match.

Ben Coker - 4 - This is a very low 4 as 3 seems harsh. For me this was his worst performance in a Southend shirt. A few too many cut backs, trying to do too much with the ball and always passing it back instead of making runs. Looked like he didn't want to be there in the slightest.

Luke O'Neill - 5 - Had a few bright spells throughout the match and should of hit the target once or twice. Luke is a RB that started at RM and finished the match at CM, very odd.

Adam King - 5 - Substituted in the 41st minute, was lazy getting back for the first goal and the other players knew that. Didn't do a lot for his time on the pitch apart from a few passes out wide.

Ryan Leonard - 5 - Looks like half the player he used to be in the past couple seasons. He is playing in a position that keeps him back but he has a great shot on him and wants to push up.

Stephen McLaughlin - 5 - He has had a great start to the season and a 5 may seem harsh but I feel he didn't do a lot throughout the match.

Jack Bridge - 5 - Substituted in the 56th minute. Jack's first start for Southend after a decent pre season and a good spell on loan at Chelmsford last season. I thought he looked promising, but us playing the long ball way he wasn't winning anything in the air and he wasn't closing down enough.

Simon Cox - 6 - Substituted in the 76th minute. He is our main goal scorer and you feel when he has an off day it's going to be hard for us to convert a chance.

Jermaine Mcglashan- 5 - The pace we needed but good defence closed him down well.
David Mooney- 5 - Didn't do a lot but was only offside once which is better than normal.
Jason Williams - 5 - Was running around trying to show effort levels but wasn't making up any ground.

Phil Brown - 1 - Did he watch any of Fleetwood's other matches? It seems like we had no tactics going into this match. Long ball after long ball up to Simon Cox (5ft11) to attempt to win it vs Nathan Pond (6ft3) it's just not going to work. Have you lost the dressing room Phil? Because if you did give them tactics it doesn't look like they know what they are! Being 2-0 down and bringing on a striker for a striker, why not keep both strikers on and go for it? We never once looked like we were a threat going forward and it was one of the most frustrating matches I have watched.

I fear that this is going to be a long season for Southend United unless changes are made. I've always backed whatever manager we have at Roots Hall, but I'm afraid it's time for Phil to go. Out of a possible 66 points we have taken just 16, name me another manager in the football league who is still in a job with that record?

Would love to hear your views on the match, so please do comment.

Up the Blues!

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