Sold A Dream, Given A Nightmare | The West Ham Story

After their disastrous 3-0 home defeat to Burnley on Saturday West Ham have officially hit rock bottom. Fans invading the pitch to attack players and thousands swarming around the director’s box to hurl abuse at Gold, Sullivan and Brady seem a long way away from those final glorious days at the Boleyn before their supposed dream move to Stratford. But how did it go so wrong?

As West Ham settled back into life in the top flight after a season away it was a surprise to many when they decided to go up against London rivals Tottenham to make the Olympic Stadium their home. And even more of a surprise was that they were able to win the bid and make it their home from the beginning of the 2016/17 season.

So it was time to say goodbye to one of the most historic grounds in the history of English football, and by god did it get a good send off. Who can forget that comeback against Manchester United to win and put themselves in a European position. So how did it go so wrong?

Let’s start with the London stadium. English football is always credited for its incredible vocal support and it is something that the countries fans take real pride in. So who in their right mind would buy a stadium with a six-lane athletics track separating the fans from the side of the pitch? This made it almost impossible for the usually loud hammers fans to create an atmosphere and that was even when they were in a good run of form. And considering the board don’t even own the ground it was obviously another plot to make financial gain and they’re not even ashamed of hiding it.

However, the blame mainly lies with the three people who have destroyed the club. and they are that despised that hammers fans won’t even refer to them using their first names. The notorious trio of Brady, Gold, and Sullivan are criminals in East London. Their lack of signings and outrageous decisions made for financial gain are just some of the reasons why these three surnames send shivers down the spines of those in claret and blue. Arguing with chairmen of other clubs and selling their top defenders to their biggest rivals mean that the fans have reached boiling point and rightly so. They turn up in their Rolls Royce’s and sit there in their designer suits watching the club fall apart and the extra zeros land in their bank accounts. In recent weeks it has all boiled over after David Sullivan was seen leaving the Swansea defeat early he was followed and abused by fans with his only response being “I know it’s terrible”. And during Saturday’s carnage in the second half which led to three pitch invasions fighting between fans and thousands crowding around the director’s box to rightfully hurl abuse at Gold and Sullivan who left after the third goal was scored.

No matter the manager in charge or the players on the pitch. If West Ham end up playing Championship football in a 60,000 seater stadium there will be three people to blame for the demise of one of Britan’s greatest teams. And on the weekend commemorating 25 years since the death of club legend Bobby Moore. West Ham have reached their darkest of days.

featured image credit David Holt