Slovakia vs England (Player Ratings)

Written by David Robinson

Sam Allardyce got off to a winning start in his first game in charge of England. His side won it very late with a Adam Lallana winner which really got the Three Lions off the hook, having played against ten men for over half an hour. It was a typically dull encounter where England bossed possession but had little quality and imagination. I rate the England players from the game vs Slovakia.

Joe Hart – 5/10

Virtually anonymous, he kicked poorly a couple of times but that was the only thing of real note.

Kyle Walker 6/10

Nothing of real quality on display but a steady game from the right back. A bit indecisive but not a poor game.

John Stones 7/10

Was effectively a midfielder playing as a defender, he brought the ball out well and showed some nice touches. Caught out following a moment of poor control in the first half however his work was really all about building attacks from deep, something he did. well making some slick passes.

Gary Cahill – 5.5/10

Unconvincing on a couple of rare occasions he was asked a question but other than that it was a quiet evening for the Chelsea defender.

Danny Rose – 5/10

Some really poor moments from the left back particurly when he was let off the hook big time in the first half when a loose touch was taken off him in his own box. He was caught out of position and lost the ball quite a few times although to his credit he did offer an option and that was evident when he bundled the ball into the box which lead to the late winner.

Eric Dier – 6/10

Did his job in front of the back four, keeping the ball nicely. He wasn’t really tested going towards his own goal so just a solid rating for Dier. He lost all effect on the game with the likes of Rooney coming deep into his position to collect the ball when we’ve seen he his capable of spreading the play.

Jordan Henderson – 5/10

Anonymous, Henderson contributed nothing in the first half. A nice first time lay off to Lallana was his highlight, although that was the only one. How does he get to wear an England shirt?

Raheem Sterling – 6/10

Hit a rare shot wide in the first half in what was a dull affair he did at least offer some energy. His off the ball work is very nice at times, the problem is when he gets the ball, largely didn’t have enough quality to create a real problem for the opposition.

Adam Lallana – 7/10

The match winner, Lallana scored a scrappy goal, his first in an England shirt. He threatened prior to this striking a great shot against the post quickly followed by a toothless effort on goal, a word that can often describe Lallana. A fairly typical performance featuring some tidy foodwork, he hassled and won the ball back well a couple of times but again a player that didn’t stretch Slovakia so even he doesn’t get a top mark.

Wayne Rooney – 5/10

Hurt his side massively from a tactical point of view. He dropped far too deep, making it comfortable for Slovakia, everything was in front of them and they were less hurt with quite a few misplaced passes. Positive moments were few and far between, I feel like that is said far too often for the England captain.

Harry Kane – 5/10

A rating that could be deemed generous considering Kane didn’t really contribute anything. That being said he wasn’t really involved in the play, again bizarre considering the Three Lions had so much possession. That’s probably even more worrying, that he offers so little with his back to goal as the lone striker, he should be acting as a pivot with balls being played into him but he looked lethargic when he did get the ball. Missed the best chance for England in the first half completely missing a cross.

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featured image by The Laird Of Oldham