Simply China Alexis? Where Sanchez’s Future Might Lie!

Written by Ashley Suddaby

After a fantastic two seasons at Arsenal under his belt Alexis Sanchez enters his 3rd campaign as a gunner full of confidence. In the 14 Premier League games featured so far he’s already netted himself 11 Goals with 4 assists. If he’s not in you’re Fantasy Football team by now then you may as well delete your account!

Alexis may be one of Arsenal’s best signings in recent years with Welbeck being a close tenth, he seems to have fit into the Gunners style of play and adapted to the English game perfectly. With his Hat-trick against West Ham last weekend and providing an Assist to send Arsenal into the last 16 of The Champions League top of the table, his Performances haven’t gone unnoticed.


credit Ronnie Macdonald

A lot of speculation this week about another contract being put on the table to secure his services for a few more years at the Emirates. With the Chilean turning 28 this year he maybe only have one more major contract left in him. Currently on £130,000 a week at Arsenal, would an offer in China of £400,000 a week tempt him to leave for Asia?

With only 18 months left on his Contract I’m sure Arsene Wenger wont leave it to long to try and finalise a deal for Alexis to remain at the club. Reports claim Manchester City are interested in him as well as a Number of teams in the Chinese Super League. We all know City are not afraid to splash the cash but with the likes of Hulk and Lavezzi leaving for china, is that the place to be?

Ezequiel Lavezzi is already on more than £400,000 a week at ‘Hebei China Fortune F.C’ so Arsenal are aware of the money involved in China. Wenger cannot come anywhere near to matching that sort of salary as Arsenal seek to extend the star’s current deal. Somewhere between the region of £200,000 to £250,000 would be the expected offer but the decision would lie with Alexis.

With the impact Sanchez has had In English football, Legend Thiery Henry said “Alexis Sanchez can be as good at Arsenal as me” With the Gunners best ever Striker saying that about you, you know you’ve made it big time. Arsenal are now beginning to look a strong force in the Premier League each year, with Sanchez assisting them to that title will surely make him a Legend!

Will Alexis make his Big move to China?


Will he go and take a seat with Thiery Henry in the Legend Corner?

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featured image by Ronnie Macdonald