Should Sarri go now?

Should Sarri go now?

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As the business end of the 2018/19 premier league season starts I want to concentrate on Chelsea's season and what has actually gone wrong for them this season.

Roman Abramovich says he got into football by seeing certain teams playing tika-taka football but everyone he employs a manager that likes playing that style of football it goes wrong, why?

Firstly it could be the players, they just aren't the right type of players for tika-taka football and just won't play it.

Secondly it ties in nicely with the first point, where they aren't the right type of player to play tika-taka football, Sarri has lost the dressing room and we all know what happens when manager's lose the dressing room, just look at José Mourinho at Manchester United this season and Chelsea just a few seasons ago.

My third point is, maybe Sarri is just no good at teaching tika-taka football and that's why Chelsea fans call his way of playing tika-taka football Sarri ball.

I think we can rule out the third point of mine, even though in his managerial career he has never won a major trophy which leads me to think, why did Chelsea even employ him?

My first point to this is, did Roman Abramovich think that Sarri could turn that around in England? I don't think so as in my opinion English football is the best football and the most competitive football in the world.

The first point leads me nicely on to my second point very nicely. Even though Sarri has never won a major trophy in his managerial career is he actually good at teaching tika-taka football but where most of Chelsea's players aren't his signings they have been previous manager's signings or maybe even somebody else's signings?

Which leads me on to my third point. Did Roman Abramovich just employ Sarri to be a yes man? This happens a lot in football nowadays, just look at Swindon's current state of affairs, so in other words is Roman telling Sarri that we are going to sign this player, that player and so on.

I don't think my last point has much bearing on Chelsea's season this season but I do think he has a bit of a say with what goes on with what players they sign and maybe what players will play.

What can Chelsea do to compete for next season?

First I would sack Sarri now and maybe do what Manchester United have done and got Ole Gunnar solskaer as caretaker manager and get someone like Zola as caretaker manager until the end of the season as the players may respect him and actually play for him as in my honest opinion I think Sarri has lost the dressing room. But if I were Chelsea I would act now because if they wait until the summer they will be behind all the other big names in the premier league and will most probably be in the same predicament as they are now so take action.

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