Sheffield Wednesday fans & Social Media

If you have ever stumbled across the SWFC hashtag on Twitter it is more than likely that you will have seen an argument between two fans about Carlos Carvalhal, the Sheffield Wednesday boss. Since Carlos joined the Owls on the 30th June 2015 he has attracted plenty of controversy with fans on social media, a large part of this is to do with the fact Carlos has a very specific way of playing against whatever side we may come up against, and should this play style not go to plan there doesn’t seem to be too much of a shake up on the pitch.

credit Ben Sutherland

I caught up with two fans at very opposite ends of the spectrum who are often seen debating with one another about Carlos Carvalhal, Ozzy (@O_SWFC) and Dirk (@dirkthesecond). I asked them both for their take on Carlos as a manager to which Dirk replied “He’s frustrated me this season, personally I think he’s gone against everything he believes in” which I personally disagree with as ever since Carlos has signed he’s always emphasised that he would select the team with the 11 players that he feels will win them the game for him no matter what and he will instruct those players to do whatever it takes to win the game, and that is something that the Owls have received a lot of praise for both this season and last, winning games ugly. Recently, I think it would be fair to say that the Owls’ performances haven’t been the most glamorous however they have been picking up results. Ozzy was slight more on the positive side, he said “Carlos came in out of the blue as an unknown manager after the club had announced a new dawn, a new future and a new hope” I see this as a very valid point, because after the club had been taken over by Dejphon Chansiri a lot of fans were expecting a manager who was experienced in taking sides up to the promised land of the Premier League and some fans didn’t welcome his appointment to say the least, and we overachieved last season to be fair. Ozzy continued to say “I think hes done a very good job up to this point, and his biggest task now is winning over the 10% of fans who have grown unhappy. Personally I feel that he has put us in a good enough position to get a play off position this season” within a football club there will always be fans that are unsatisfied by what they are seeing on the pitch and it does take a hell of a lot to get the backing of those fans but I think we should all be satisfied with the job that he’s done for us.

credit Ben Sutherland

Moving on to the club as a whole to put the job he has done into context, 4 years ago we were fighting off relegation and finishing around 18th in the table, today our fans are disappointed with our team for losing a few games and still being sixth in the Championship and five points clear of Fulham in seventh. The problem our fans have with Carlos is that sometimes in his post match interview fans feel he struggles to admit a slight tactical error and uses excuses such as tiredness of the players, I believe that Carlos will be more than aware of what went wrong and will be working on it in training the next week. In a recent press conference Carlos said that fans who dug into the team were not real supporters and this angered a fair few fans who are regularly seen on Twitter abusing players and Carlos, but first of all I think his English isn’t perfect so he most probably didn’t mean it like that, but if he did then I disagree as fans pay good money to watch Sheffield Wednesday and they should be allowed to express their opinion, however, some fans go well over the top and mention players in their tweets which is completely nonconstructive and helps nobody.  The phrase “sleeping giants” has been used a lot with Sheffield Wednesday and I think our alarm has just started ringing and we are starting to get up after a long sleep, it will be a tense end to the season but we are better off as a solid unit than a divided army.

Does Carvalhal deserve more credit or is criticism justified? Let us know in the comments below!

featured image by Jon Candy