Ronaldo – The deserved Ballon d’or winner

Written by Dan Anjos

Ronaldo won the Ballon d’or on Monday night, making him the European player with the most Ballon d’ors and potentially the best ever European player. He won the Ballon d’or with over double the votes that Messi had. Messi fans argue that the Argentine statistically had a better season, I would like to take them back to the season of 2014-2015 where Messi won the treble with Barcelona and as a result won the Ballon d’or. But it was actually Ronaldo who scored more goals that year, bagging an impressive 61 goals in 54 games. Whilst Messi scored 58 goals in 57 games. Impressive in its own right.

I am a strong believer that the best players in the world win major trophies and in 2016, Ronaldo won the biggest trophies he could win. He won the Champions league with Real Madrid, setting a ridiculous record of 16 goals in a campaign. The guy scored more than a goal a game in the hardest competition in the world. Whilst also being near the top of the charts with assists. Showing he is not just a goalscorer but a lot of the time he is also a creator. He was decisive when it mattered the most, scoring the penalty that would win them the Champions league for the 11th time in the Club’s history. Lionel Messi was not decisive missing his penalty for Argentina in the final. The fact that we have to analyse to this amount of detail shows how good and close both players are but it is the details that are the difference between a trophy or not now a days.


credit Jan Solo

Ronaldo for Portugal was also crucial, despite not playing his best ever football, he managed to get Portugal through the group stages with two very important goals against Hungary whilst in the semi final paving the way for a comfortable win with a goal and an assist. In the final his influence was unfortunately stopped early but he took his desire to win to the sideline and inspired Portugal to win its first ever major trophy. It is a shame that he got injured as he is a man that turns up on big occasions more than anyone else. Even recently he turned up versus Atletico to give Real a comfortable margin of 6 points at the top of the table.

Ronaldo should be also admired for being able to change himself from a winger to an out and out striker whilst remaining easily the most influential player for both Real Madrid and Portugal. He has worked very hard ever since he was a kid living in the poor regions of Madeira, to moving to Lisbon when he was 12 without his parents. Then moving to England to England’s most demanding club and winning everything for them and leaving fans with awe with is ability. He then accepted the challenge of trying to destroy Barcelona’s monopoly with Real Madrid which he has achieved. Whilst doing this he has become Real Madrid’s best ever player on par with Di Stefano a man who won 5 champions leagues in a row. He has outscored any Real Madrid player in far less time than anyone else.


credit Simon Harriyott

People talk about Messi’s natural ability, but football is not just about ability, at the end of the day football it is about winning the big trophies. In 2016 Ronaldo won the big trophies, Messi did not. Ronaldo’s hard work will ensure that the Messi vs Ronaldo carries on for a few years. 2016 was Ronaldo’s years, 2017 could be Messi’s. Congratulations to Ronaldo for winning the Ballon d’or.

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featured image by Ludovic Peron