Report: Hull v Everton

Written by HullCityJournals

The Friday night fixture consisted of Hull and Everton. With the home side playing exceptionally well recently, a win was expected from quite a lot of fans, but once again they just came up short.

The Tigers started brilliantly, just a carbon copy of recent weeks. An attack from the left side forced Toffees centre-back Jagielka to put the ball out of play to cause less danger. However, Snodgrass swung the corner in from the left for Davies to flick it to the back post for fellow defender Dawson to toe-prod it home. Surely he’s within one or two goals of Snoddy’?

Hull 1-0 Everton

The black and amber’s offensive strategic tactics were improving each week, and it was easy to tell. There was hardly a glimpse of attack for the away side. The defence stood resilient, but only just. A half-empty KC(OM) stadium was left biting their nails. Especially after a dangerous counter-attack from the away side which was put out for a corner. Mirallas put the ball into a really dangerous area and caused discombobulation among Mbokani and Marshall. The ‘keeper somehow managed to punch the ball backwards into his own net! He can only have the excuse that the ball was slippy, but still a horrendous mistake. I have defended Marshall for a bit too long, but now it is Jak’s turn in-goal.

Hull 1-1 Everton.

After half time it was clear to see that the away side had different instructions, they looked much more dangerous at the ‘right’ end of the field.  Hull’s defence stressed the crowd out, everyone backed off a single Everton player. Once the toffees had realised this, they started to crack shots. Lukaku took a thunderous shot and Marshall managed (just) to tip it onto the crossbar and back out it came. ‘What a wonderful ‘keeper’ I heard a sarcastic fan say.

All of this just before Hull hit the crossbar themselves. Mbokani was originally fouled, and Livermore was fouled even further up, leaving the free-kick for only one man in mind. Robert Snodgrass stepped up from the right hand side of the D with a left footed ball, trying to guide it to the vertical corner to him. A rattle against the post had the keeper well beaten and had fans hoping for another opportunity, which came upon them. Maguire made a storming run up-field from centre-back, he was brought down just before he unleashed the beast. “If at first you don’t succeed”. This time the ball was the same distance away but at the opposite edge of the D. Up and over the wall to duck under the crossbar and Robles (goalie) got a hand to it, but once it was over the line.

Hull 2-1 Everton.

Once scoring his goal on National television, his energy levels went to nil. Baines received a ball on the left flank, Snodgrass came out to meet him, the left-back gave the slightest dummies and threw the goalscorer completely off, the England international then made his way down to the by-line meanwhile Snoddy just stood and watched. A disgusting attempt of “defending” given he had more than 10 seconds before the cross was put in. A deep one to the back post, to another England capped player, Barkley to tap it home.

Hull 2-2 Everton.

The away side should have taken all 3 points back with them as late on Barkley had a terrific chance to header the winner only 6 yards out, but he pulled it wide, shocking!

Fulltime: 2-2.

Hull fans, did you deserve more? Let us know your thoughts on the match in the comments below!